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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-07-31 at 12:00 AM

I and very glad to say that the MM challenge I took to play all 100 events I was able to complete. I personally had two primary goals one being all 100 events and second being PROFITABLY. MM was within my BR but I thought it would be better to sell a package as this would help me make new acquaintances in the poker community, less variance and also get me people who are at my back in the 10days or so grinding the MM.

I was met with a huge response for my package from the Indian Poker Community as well as PSO where I had made sure I would sell at least a certain amount of my package. All in all I had almost 50% of myself. I had taken 1200$ for the package but was certain I won’t be using those many rebuys.
This was the offered package


This was the package thread

This was the Rail thread


We started the series of with bubbling the 3rd event with KK with AJ to a 4 bet shove by the huge stack…no big deal 97 events were still there. To my surprise it did not take that long and in 7th EVENT itself I was having a deep run along with being semi deep in 9th EVENT PLO.

We managed to make FT and after watching the replay I can say I knitted around lol . Made a few good folds pre and played spots and premiums for the start. Oh did I mention being short on FT bubble I busted a guy when I shoved 78 into his A5 when he had 3-4 BB..he flopped an A I runner runner made a straight :P.
Managed to get 3 handed and get a deal in my favour. Reason being I as always am talkative at the table and as it happens the guy I had been chatting throughout the tourney happened to be the chipleader 3 handed. He was also a 3 IDIOTS and Bollywood fan. If u see the FT replay on stars u will understand what I mean here.
Got down HU against him only and boyyy did he river me so many times :’(Saw on replay.But wait thr’s a hand in HU itell him what he has and hero call him A high ..weeeeeeee..BUT as always we run bad at flips and came second 
Stars FT blog


As u will see from the rail thread I was playing pretty good till event 45th.I made few more deep runs to come in top 1% of field only to end around 40th and 60th if I remember right .I was on top of the POKERSTARS TLB leaderboard and had 200 points already. THEN IT HAPPENED. Fatigue started setting in plus a huge compound of bad beats.

Some and I mean some. Check rail you will understand what I went through: P


This hurt most cause this was pretty deep in 1R


Ya runner runner..y couldn’t it have been simply his 2 outer and that’s it.
Couldn’t boom a MIX game hand bt lost with 90% equity in it at same time .
Otherwise would have been chipleader of both tourneys at same time with bubble approaching.

More standard stuff




Could have never thought I would be so glad to send money to people from my account as I felt when I was giving out investors their share.

This was the final look at hw package went


We came from 1st to end up 33rd in leaderboard to win a 215$ WCOOP ticket. (had my eyes on the 5200$ WCOOP ME :’( )
Also I had been leading the 2+2 contest till event 92nd bt then I was pushed to second by a better player am sure.Won a bit there too.


Some sickos these guys are jareth and LA.

The MM challenge so ended up being a SUCCESS.With 630% ROI after unused rebuys refunded.
Not writing much in this blog cause have given enough links to posts and if u start reading them with the effort I did in writing will take u quite a while :P.
Gl at the tables people and thank you everone for the support.
Oh almost forgot as I had said GOLD star freeroll ended up as bonus for package in which i had decent run in. Also few people are going to get free sweats into the 215$ WCOOP event for being supportive and helpful during the challenge :D.

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