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MicroMillions challenge

Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-07-06 at 12:00 AM

Since I said i will be be blogging here too so here goes

Finally I will be able to do the challenge i have longed to do since the first MICROMILLIONS.PLAY THEM ALL.Yes i intend to play each and every one of them.Whats even better is that i was able to sell my PACKAGE …



Most help was from the Indian Community specially the PokerGuru people along with PSO chipping in for some sweats .

The package sold off very fast much to my amusement and surprise which has even encouraged me more to put in my best effort.There are still 12 DAYS left before MICROMILLIONS start.There is a lot of things I can do before the DAY arrives.

On my plate presently i am fighting out the PSO series which for who don’t know is a series of events exactly similar to the WSOP schedule but with micro BUY-ins (though some mix games have been replaced by Courcheval).This is organize by PSO (Poker School Online) which is POKERSTARS official free-training and learning site.The Leader-board prizes are always pretty awesome.


Unlike the free-leagues that PSO offers this being a buy-in series the entry numbers were less only around 500 people are in the leader-board so one can assume a thousand people must have participated uniquely with 142 being the maximum number that was registered for a single tourney.


I am writing this with 2 events and the ME left. PokerStars has added free money in it on top so it should have a good enough prize pool too.I have had a sick run in last 6 events..(AFTER SELLING THE PACKAGE..hehe..THE GL AND WISHES HAVE STARTED WORKING ALREADY) ..barring a 2-7 triple draw event i busted early I made final table in all 5 other events finishing 1st once for another “virtual bracelet”, two 2nd place finishes out of which one was a spew for sure, other i got hero-ed by second pair after I took a very strong line 3handed and considering ICM considerations and my line it was a sure fold..and 3,4 and 7th respectively.This has vaulted me from being around 15th in the overall leader board to being in top 3 atm. I feel so bad for missing some events mainly because of tilt since i had made 4FT’s in the first 7 events of the series itself but had such bad-beats in them after entering like 3 of them as chip-leader that i didn’t feel grinding micros only, sending me out on the rail at ranks below 5th.Somehow i came back after missing few in between and somewhere along I felt i had a chance and pressed the gas pedal.

Events i played till now

[URL=”https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxE-dRSI4IVQNkdydFRiUWxBTTQ/edit?usp=sharing”]https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxE-dRSI4IVQNkdydFRiUWxBTTQ/edit?usp=sharing[/URL] (when u click this high chances are a gibberish code will come, u need to download it and view in an internet explorer, any will do)

The leader-board top prize is the SUNDAY MILLION ticket. Sadly the leader is 115 points ahead and it wil need the sick run to continue to catch him in so less number of events…The heat is on for the rest 4 places with players in touching distance of each other.

Its just today and tomorrow that needs to be good and u might see me playing the SUNDAY MILLION soon… though it will be safe to assume i have 22$ ticket locked up if not 33$ one.

So PSO series ends tomorrow ie 7th. I will still have 10 days until MICROMILLIONS.

I plan to get back to my cash game roots and try and made 400$ profit in these 10days..that way i will have made all the money I need for my share of MICROMILLION which i presently am thinking of putting at 45%.

This month i have only 270VPP till now which is far below what i need to maintain GOLD VIP status next month too. So we r gonna have a 150VPP/day goal as well but not at the cost of losses. If i feel i am playing bad i will stop immediately whatever the VPP count may be. MICROMILLION will get me like 220VPPs total so its gonna be a close run again this month in reaching GOLD star. Might grind cash if i am single tabling in MM…Simply cant stand single tabling.

If i thought last month was a good grind am sure an even more epic grind is coming for me this month. With all the SUPPORT i have got from the poker community i don’t want to let anyone down.The main MICROMILLION blog will probably come right after i finish with cash games and just before the start of Event 1 of MICROMILLIONS.



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