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Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-08-04 at 12:00 AM

I am late by 2 days in doing my blog (I have to write 1 every tuesday). Its been a pretty hectic less sleep week for me, been at work during the days and grinding online poker thru the night. Since, day work is not important I’ll only talk about my real job, Poker. I broke all my previous volume records this week, grinding almost everything stars had to offer. Adi prepared a schedule for us which covers all ranges of buy-in’s and looks like a perfect grind schedule for us. In all we shud be playing close to 30 tournies in 1 session of abt 10-12 hrs (total poker hours should be equal to almost 5 days non-stop in live terms).

I did get some deep runs here and there, but last night was by far the best for me this week when I final tabled 2 tournies finishing 4th in one and 6th in the other, however just cashing 30% of combined 1st place prizes, which was still a healthy amount. The most satisfying thing about the runs was that both tournies had a very solid slow structure and I grinded almost 7-8 hrs in each of them to get to the final table. While that might sound like piece of cake if you play live, but online a 7 hr grind in 1 tournament feels like ages.

Of late, I had been playing a lot of turbo’s and had gotten used to it but this was different and I really felt happy getting deep in them. Hopefully, I get more scores in the coming week and achieve a small target set by Adi for all of us to make Macau happen. If we get to our personal targets then the PokerGuru team would definitely hit Macau again for the Macau Poker Cup, else GG.

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Kunal Chandra

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