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MMQB…Week 1 (Late Edition)

Posted by Vinod KK on 2012-11-13 at 12:00 AM

Well the PGT October was fun. Some pretty good numbers they got and I think the numbers are going to keep going up. Played the 7k and the main event. Dreams of winning the main event back to back was crushed but did manage to finish 2nd in the 7K tourney. Luck was definitely on my side during the 7k but in a weird way. I was down to 5-7bb at least 4-5 times during the tourney. But every time I tried a move or had a good hand it did not seem to work and I was back to where I started. But finally with 3 tables left I was able to get some decent stack and then I had good freedom to make moves and I did pretty decent. I for one am not going to apologize to anyone for getting lucky. Neither am I going to complain when I get unlucky. At the end of the day it is just poker and variance will automatically take its own course. I think people get too excited when they win or start complaining when they run bad. It is fair because that’s the human nature but the most important thing is to look back at the tournament and see what mistakes you made and how you can keep improving. So having said that here are some of the hands that happened during the tourneys
[B]Horrible Play of the Week[/B]: Rakesh, me and jasven: ME holding: 77, Rakesh UTG+1 raises 2.5x I think, jasven calls and I call from the button. Flop comes JJx with two diamonds. it gets checked around. Turn is another J, Rakesh bets maybe 1/2 the pot jasven calls and I call too. River is a blank and Rakesh checks, jasven bets at least 3/4 of his stack and its on me. Here I made my first mistake. Someone betting 3/4 of his stack on that board should have raised alarm bells, but his check on the flop with a flush draw, and Rakesh leading out on the turn and his smooth call just confused the heck out of me. I did not go through the natural progression of building a hand that my opponent might hold and I just ended up calling and jasven shows a J.
[B]Bad beats of the week[/B]:
Beat 1: With 5-7BB Left I from UTG+2 shove QJ and Jasven calls with AK. Flop: 9 10 J Turn: Q River: J. My only concern is if this was justified. People talk abt fold equity etc so I need to analyze this and find if this was the right move.
Beat 2: UTG raises to 2K MP1 calls I shove and make it 11K with 99 and UTG shoves on top of it. MP1 thinks for a while and decides to fold JJ. UTG has 88. My 99 hold up. Whew and J did show up on the river :-). But UTG action saved me there.
Beat 3: AJ vs TT vs 88 I clip a A on the flop and triple up.
Beat 4: A3 vs QQ , again clip a 3 on the flop and a A on the river :-).
Beat 5: Lost QQ vs AJ to the same person I won beat 4

[B]Hands that I think I played well.[/B]
Hand 1: MP1 raise 2x..i was on big blind T5o and I decided I will defend it and check raise all in on the flop if the flop were all low cards. Flop luckily comes 4 7 10. I did hit the top pair and check raised all in once he bet. I would have done the same even if I did not clip top pair. Showed the 5 to the table just to confuse the heck out of the whole table as I know showing the 5 they would have a hard time putting me on a 10.
Hand 2: Q2o Again I decided to defend my blind and this time I just donk bet on the flop which was random cards and took down the pot.
Two things here the blinds were 3k/6k and with antes and the raise it was over 24k in the pot and only 6k to call. Plus the table dynamics was such that lot of people were raising with Ax hands and small pairs. Thinking here is that if I shove pre there was a high chance they would call pre but on a missed flop they were more likely to fold. But again open to discussion/thoughts. (hands with stronger Ace or small pairs they are more likely to call pre than post flop)

[B]Money Saved is Money Earned Hand[/B]: Again final table dynamics here too was similar, lot of stealing blinds, shoving on top of the raiser etc.
Players Involved UTG, UTG+1(me) and MP1. (we were I think 1,4 and 2 in chip leads)
I have AQcc UTG raises to 2x(12K), I smoothly call thinking if somebody pops on top of this I was calling. But MP1 decided to make it 36K, this just raised alarm bells and after taking a long time at how pretty AQcc looked I decided to fold. Later MP1 did mention he had AK and I was glad I folded that.

[B]Upcoming:[/B] Well trying to arrange something for my online bankroll. So I should start playing online starting this week. Plan is to split my BR and identify tournaments that I am comfortable to play. So that will be my tasks for the upcoming week. Until then you guys keep killing at the table. And during Diwali I think it is advisable to poker players that they do make a special offering to goddess Lakshmi.

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