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Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB)……Preseason Edition

Posted by Vinod KK on 2012-10-22 at 12:00 AM

I love American football. It is a wonderful and a brilliant game. The football season started last month and the games are held every week. Most of the games are played on Sunday and then there are lot of articles written throughout the week regarding the games played previous week and about the upcoming games. There is one particular article that comes out on every Monday which is called Monday Morning Quarterback written by Peter King. This article is basically the post-mortem of the previous day games. It has its own little subsection like stat of the week, play of the week etc. Now since I got selected to PGMP 2 I would be required to blog every week. So with due apologies to MR. Peter King I would like to copy this idea for my weekly blogging. Every Monday I would like to post-mortem my previous weeks play and keep you informed on what I plan to do the next week. Also I might get creative along the way and have sub sections like tip of the week or bad beat of the week etc. Hopefully now, people who were unaware of football get some perspective about the title of this blog. So having said them let me start with this week.
We had our first PGMP session tonight. And wow what an eye opener that was. After that session I feel like I have barely scratched the surface. The session was a bitter sweet experience for me. It was sweet because now I know if the first session was so good than how great the subsequent 12 weeks of sessions can be. It was also a bitter experience because now my PGT Main event victory feels very shallow. Speaking of which brings me to the topic of defending your title in this case the Main event. I think winning back to back is the most difficult thing to do in poker. But I am going to give it a try. I am already worried that this added pressure is going to alter my style of play. To add to that after today’s session with Adi it has really sown lot of doubts in my mind regarding my style of play. Jesus!!! My game is so exploitable…. the line of thinking is completely wrong and god knows what else is wrong that I will only know in the next 12 weeks. But you cannot win back to back title let alone any title by playing scared. So I have decided to play with full confidence and with the belief that whatever I learnt so far in poker is accurate. I will add in a few tweaks in my game especially in the way I think and process hands. I am actually going to take baby steps approach because I do not want to drastically change my style of play without knowing all the concepts behind poker. So I am eagerly awaiting the PGT. I will be reaching there on Friday and hopefully play on both Friday and Saturday…………..cannot wait to meet everyone. It is going to be exciting. Also please note that the next edition of MMQB is going to be the week after this PGT.

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Vinod KK

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