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Monday Musings.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-09-10 at 12:00 AM

I played around 3 MTT sessions this week and had one deep-ish run where I finished 35th. Was chip leader at one time with around 125 left but had one 3-barel bluff called by a station and got one bad beat (AJo beat by AQs) which crippled my stack. Think I made a couple of mistakes as I reviewed my HH from that tournament. One is I tried to bluff a station who called me down with 2nd pair on the flop. Also I think my river bet sizing is not great whether it is for value or bluff. I made some real weak ass river bets a couple of times. This could be fear of not being called or in case of bluffs losing less when called. This is where courage is a tremendous quality to have in poker. I have to improve here especially on the river decisions cause I think even small bet sizing changes on river affect tremendously the probabilities of actions and thus are relatively very important.

Also played some DON’s (double or nothing) this week on 888 to make some roll for the PG satellites. The free hotel accommodation itself makes it worth it a shot. Had some dollars left from last time. It didn’t work out though. Had to transfer some $ from Stars in the end. Ran so terrible in them that I jokingly also complained to the deposit accepting clerk on the site. (A9o beat KK on KA5 flop, A7o beat AJs, etc; Yuck.) The HH was not working for some reason in my office laptop or would have posted a ton of hands in the new BBV forum. The satellite we (most from PGMP group) played after the session with Adi on Sunday. I was the first one out of the door. Got raised and check raised almost every pot. Lol. I liked you guys better when you were nits like me 🙂

BTW, glad that the Goa tournament numbers are getting back on track for other organizers. UPC did a very good job in my opinion giving guarantees in freeze-outs and proper marketing of the event with lots of online/ live free-rolls and satellites rather than face-book spam bombardment. Excellent effort guys! Hope the other organizers also follow the lead now of PokerGuru, IPL and UPC in giving guarantees to their events. A good POY award pool like PokerGuru’s 12 Lakhs one will also help maintain the numbers throughout the year. Anyway, hope this good run continues. 🙂

Till next week then..


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Vinay Suchede

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