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Money bubble to FT bubble

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2012-12-09 at 12:00 AM

Poker doesn’t let you go easy. When you are starting, it won’t tell you that you are bad and should quit. You occasionally get lucky and stick to it until u lose a lot over a period of time. Interestingly, that i how i was stuck wid poker for so long until i accidently happen to have a talk wid Prabhat and then PGMP. The occasional money bubbles, would make me feel i was just getting unlucky and one of these days, i would be there at the top.

Busting around money bubble is not very tough even for a beginner but thats not the whole point. Mainly, we are doing sth wrong if we find ourselves there most of the times. Its the FT that matters. All the money lies at the top 3 places. That is what we have to aim for.

With the great knowledge abt Short/Med stack play we have received so far, it makes me feel very confortable less than 30BB. I have been running good as well to bink a 5.1 hyper after my turbo win. And a few more deep runs here and there have been coming more often than not.

My new target is to get into the reg speeds. With the discussions wid Vinay, prateek i am excited to get in the grind for the heavy guarantee BIGs. Time being a huge constraint, i haven’t been able to put in much time. Plus, it would me get my big stack play better for sure.

Lets see how it goes. Gl with the Sunday grind!

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Sahil Agarwal

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