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Month so far….

Posted by Arturo on 2012-11-29 at 12:00 AM

i have changed my play a bit say experimenting more now a days due to which my stats doesnt look good, min cashing from last couple of days tough, made in money in MM3 in 3 events from 5 to 7 tournaments i played. And as usual i playing 16 big everyday and having deep runs in it. I ended 12th in few days before, i got coolered otherwise i have nearly bink this tourney, i have posted my hand in hand advise where i have AA and viillan hit his flush on the flop, can’t do much there as suggeted by adi and other pros thats the MTT life sigh….. got some deep runs in 33big and 16 big ended in top 50 2 times in last month.
My stats doesn’t look good as i have played some big tourines they are so : Played 137, ROI -74%, ITM 9%, it doesnt inclued my 12th finish as i have played that tourny on my mobile for last 2hrs so that doesnt come in my hm2 stats.
ya i played that tourney on my cell i got new mobile for poker Galaxy S3. i liked it so much as if finished 12 lol.
played some cash games as well but nothing mention. Got some upswing in Rush poker in FT happy enough so far with my game plans.
I know i have many leaks in my games, one them is my emotions, cant control my emotions some time start playing bad and spewing some money. So thinking to start mediation for some peace of mind.
Next month i will be busy in my younger brother’s marriage so cant think i will give much time for poker.
keep u posted.

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