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Month so far

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-09-14 at 12:00 AM

I’ve been in Goa for almost a month now, and it has been one of my best month’s as a poker player so far. I have consistently gone deep and final tabled numerous tournies online and finally managed some scores at live poker too.

I started the trip with the Aces Unlimited series at Pride poker room, the series was profitable for me as I cashed in the 5k rebuy tournament and won the doubles side event with my teammate samoh. This happened to be my first cash in Goa in 2011.

Then came the most epic poker series of India, The “PokerGuru Tour”, huge prizepools to play for, excellent structures, great players and excellent hospitality at Pride poker room. I got my runs in the series and managed to get to last 2 tables in the main along with samoh, aditya “mastermind” and intervention. I busted in 14th place when I pushed my 9 BB stack with the ultimate nuts UTG (KQss) and got ISO’d by Prabhat Mukherjee’s A9o who was sure his Ace high was good enough to crack my monster, as we turned our cards he was ahead pre and his ace high held up to knock me out. Samoh’s win got me profit for the series overall since we had agreed to do a 10% swap before the tourney (run better!).

After we were done with live action for nearly 2 weeks non-stop we got down to online poker since it was the biggest month of the year. All the guarantees were huge online and some on the regular structures were getting crushed by overwhelming field sizes because of WCOOP. I went on a heater online, final tabling 4 tournaments in 2days, even though I didnt go on to win any of these but my collective prizes were pretty healthy. We managed to achieve another first for the PokerGuru team, when sushi and I final tabled the 55 6-max turbo together, while I finished 5th he went on to win it. I hope I can carry on the momentum through the rest of the month and manage some good runs in the big one’s.

After the PokerGuru tour some of the team-members decided to stay back in Goa and we decided to play IPS at Casino Royale. First tournament was a 6.5k re-entry with seats to the main event for 1 in every 10 entries. Apart from Amit Varma none of us managed to do anything great, “bombay-lad” was the runner up and ended his drought of final table appearance in Goa.

Next event was the 5k rebuy, I decided to be really aggressive in this one from the beginning since my table seemed a little passive with everyone sitting with their initial stacks and no one apart from me and samoh did a rebuy to begin with on the table. I had a lot of swings during the first hour and managed to get up to 9k from the starting 6k stack after 2 rebuy’s, the final hand of the rebuy period Bharat Agarwala opened in MP to 500 with 11k chips at 100/200 no antes, player on the button flatted with 4k, folded to me in BB I look at KK’s and make it 1325 to go, hoping Bharat flats since he has been playing really LAG till now, and somehow get the other guy to just shove with his small stack. Bharat makes it 3325, button folds and I shove for 6k more which Bharat calls, Bharat shows 77 and gives me a double up. This pot gave me the momentum for the rest of the tourney, and I remained at top 3 chip positions consistently for the rest of the tournament. I started the final table as the chip-lead alongwith Amit Varma in 7th chip postion for his back-to-back final table appearance. I started off playing very aggressive, after losing a couple of flips i was 4th out of 5 left, when I picked up QQ against AQ do get back to chip lead. With 3 left I had more than half the chips in play, when this hand happened, Ashutosh on the button opens 4x with his 15bb stack and Deepak in the SB calls with his 20 BB stack, I look down at AKhh in the BB and put both of them all-in. Ashutosh after tanking for really long decided to call and Deepak folded. Ashutosh showed QJhh and clipped a J on the river to take down that massive pot and with it the chip lead. I grinded a bit 3way with 15bb’s when Ashutosh doubled me up calling my shove with 79ss while I held KK. Deepak busted to Ashutosh and we got heads up with Ashutosh having a 4-1 chip advantage over me. In the final hand Ashutosh shoved with 9T in the SB and I called off with 22′, he flopped a pair to knock me out in 2nd place. Even though I would have loved to win it I was still happy with the run.

Other events at IPS were not that great for the team, with none of us cashing any more. After this long month of live poker all of us are excited to crush it online… GOGOGOOG Team PokerGuru… lets ship a WCOOP bracelet!

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Kunal Chandra

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