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MTT Variance/Downswings, Queso’s Indian Trip, Delhi Weddings, PGT Season Finale

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-12-06 at 12:00 AM

Lot of people have been sharing their MTT results on their blogs, figured I would do the same. Since ftp came back I have had to get all account summary for my backers, my last cashout with them was in August 2010, these are results from September 1st 2010 till date:
Live: I have played a handful of events in Macau and Cebu for net -9800$
WSOP 2011:- 28,000$
WSOP 2012: +4,500$
Online: FTP I played 815 tournaments, total buyins 141,839$, Rebuys 18,830$ Addons 11,610$. Total Payouts: 162,480$
PokerStars: Played 2222 tournaments, total buyins 297,605$ Total Payouts 253,216
Sorry no graphs, pretty sure u can get one from sharkscope though (intervntion on ps, intervention on ftp)

Now that ftp is back I have been playing Sundays, I have not been playing a full schedule and its still costing me around 5-7k , if I don’t cash anything, but I have still been feeling pretty positive each Sunday, after my score on ftp cpl weeks back I have had blank Sundays, still been fun, get to play so many more bigger tournaments thats its definitely motivating again to play….atleast Sundays for now. Hopefully tournaments pickup during the week on ftp and I will then be able to play weekdays as well. As of now I have no plans to travel or play any live events, next up will be 2013 WSOP (plan to go for entire series next yr), till then I will be playing all the big Indian tourneys and grinding online.

My Buddy James Collopy (Mr_bigqueso) is down from the US, he is here till end of Jan before heading to Australia for Aussie Millions and WSOP Asia. At 23 he is one of the most accomplished live/online players having done very well for himself., most notably coming 2nd to Gus Hansen in the 10k pound HU WSOPE event. I have been showing him around Kolkata and will be heading to Delhi tomorrow for cpl of weddings. We will then be going to Goa on the 12th, we are having a small gathering at Anjuna for all PG members in Goa, so if u are in Goa do come down and chill for few hrs in the evening. Queso was kind enough to take a guest session for PGMP 2 gang and will also going be playing all PGT event, he is a riot all around so should be fun.

PGT December edition, being the season finale and having an intense top 10 POY race should make the season finale interesting. I am looking forward to playing some good quality poker, its been building upto this, to see who are the best in India, a lot of the PGMP guys are coming out so should make it leveling war between all of us. This is the first time PGT is being held in Carnival and we will be changing the structure for the feeder satellite and mega satellite. Last time we got 49 people with re-entries in the Mega, we definitely need to build a healthier satelliting into the bigger events culture and its essential to get the timming of the satellite, along with buyin and structure correct, so working on all of that. The POY freeroll is being held in Jan during our first PGT series of the yr. to kick off our season 3, we will be announcing the stacks and the structure for the freeroll right after the season finale giving the top 9 plenty of strategize and prepare…kinda like the Novemeber nine from WSOP. Pretty excited about micros as well, full schedule for next yr is in link below (we will be announcing POY and other stuff pretty soon, but do plan ahead and book tickets since peak season, it gets expensive)


Well that’s about it, missing ftops cos of weddings and PGT, should be back online sometime in next 3 weeks.

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Aditya Agarwal

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