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Multi Tabling & Short Stack: 2 Birds – 1 Stone

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-11-25 at 12:00 AM

What’s going on guys?

How’s the weekend treating you? or the other way round?

Anyways, We have been spending hours playing Mafia these days, it’s sick game, especially if you’re stoned and mafia in the game.

So, coming to the title, I obviously have an inherit problem with multi-tabling, I can’t concentrate enough on tendencies of player and then I feel lost at times. Obviously, as it’s the next natural step to put in as much volume as possible and given the scarce resource of Time that I have at my disposal, I have to learn multi-tabling to be a Top Poker Player.

So, I devised a sexy method to do this.

I will be playing 100 $3.5 Hyper 6-Max Sit N’ Go.
I will be playing 10 everyday, so this is going to be a 10 day crasher.
I will be keeping account of all of position, winnings and track.
I will mostly multi-table 4 at a time, and then 2 single tables. To check effect of Multi-tabling.

We are learning short stack MTT Strategy, obviously SnG and MTT are completely different ball game, but there can be things that can be learnt and transferred like shoving ranges and calling ranges. Blind levels are different, Fold Equity is different, but some concepts remain same, and it’ll be a good exercise to remember them.

Multi Tabling: Practice and Practice alone can help a man! So there I go then.
Yeah, seriously, You get dealt Royal Flush and then you say Cards don’t matter, Good Shit MBA!

Hyper: I am a slow player, I like the big games, I like the blind levels to be 10-15 min, and so to break out of my comfort zone I’ll be playing Hypers.
Using Hyper I can play 10 Sit n Go in less than an hour. What more do I want! That’s some volume for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Worst Case: I can loose $350, but obviously I hope to be +EV at the end of 10 days, given the learning from PGMP Short stack lessons.

If I do feel that it’s helping me in anyway to improve my MTT game, I may continue it.

I won’t be playing this to make quick money or have a decent ROI.

The Reason why I won’t be playing Heads Up with Satyakee, He wants to rip off his Junior!

The sole reason I started to play poker was to win WSOP ME, I have played 0.02×990 Hyper as seriously as Sunday Million, it has always been about learning for me, and so it will remain. I have been lucky to get a bink in MTT which has given me some space to try out new things, get a sexy monitor to help Multi Tabling. I get huge satisfaction in a deep run in MTT which is unmatched in any other game.


Yesterday, played a couple of $5.5 Micro Million, was running good with 6/350 remaining in one of them but got soon busted. In another one, made a last minute late reg, and in under 10 hands was among the top 10% with 8.5K remaining players, eventually busted close to 1000. No big thing to cheer, but it was good to make deep runs, I have been looking forward to tomorrow’s Main Event. Hope to do something substantial to blog about ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 1

A bad start, I like to turn things around ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Dharamveer Singh

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