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My 1st Live Tourney at the PGT Part 2

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-08-10 at 12:00 AM

wat up people? hope you all doing great and having a great run on the tables.

so i had won a free seat by playing a 2.5k sat for the ME. It was a great feeling to have won a free seat. My table was pretty good. i had Melwin, Laveena, Varad, Sumit, Raman etc. i didn have any read or any info about any of em since i had never played with any of em before. The starting stack was 15k with starting blinds of 50/100 which was pretty deep and good.

I managed to get my stack a lil in the upward direction with some 3-bet light and a few bluffs which worked out well enough for me. Was feeling pretty good and confident about my game.

I damaged my stack in a game against melwin the hand went something like this.
Everyone folded to me i raise from LP with J9s melwin calls from SB and the game went HU.
Flop was 5s Jc Xs i c-bet and melwin flats Turn is a 5d mel check and i raise mel thinks for a bit and check raises me on the turn. i flat his raise with my 2 pair. River is a Xs mel checks again and i raise and he thinks for a bit and calls. wins the pot with 65o (trip 5’s). This hand had damaged my stack good enuf.

Then i went card dead for a while and then managed for a double up from laveena 99 vs AK where she didnt hit anything on the bord and my 99’s held.

Then after a few eliminations from my table Amit, Sushant, Prabhat were shifted to my table. Again i went card dead for a pretty long time. But got a major boost ro my stack in one 3 way all-in hand. Prabhat raises EP i 3-bet shove my QQ’s Amit in LP re-shoves Prabhat tanks for a bit and calls the shove. Prabhat had AQs and Amit Showed AKo. None of em hits on the board and my QQ’s take down a major main pot and amit won the side with A high K kicker eliminating prabhat.

After win a few pots i use to go card dead for a long time which was really irritating but i kept my cool and was patience and waited for the right time. I bled out for sometime and again got a good double up from Amit where i shove from EP with my 66 and Amit re shoves with 55 making everyone else fold and the battle went HU. I hit my set of 66 on the turn and won the pot.

As my game was going on i was pretty much confident that i will see my first ever live FT. But things dont always go as we think. I lost two major flips and got busted on the Bubble.

Everyone fold to me and from HJ with around 25 bb i make a 3x pre CO folds and the button tanks tanks tanks and 3-bet shoves a good size stack (he was on a major tilt since his AA had got busted previously with a sick beat). SB and BB fold and i snap with my Pocket 10’s and he shows down Ah6h. The flop was just great for me where he didnt really connect well with the flop. but then disaster struck and he won the pot with a runner flush.

My bubble hand was exactly the same where Melwein shoves with AKs and i snap with pockets and Melwin manages to win with a runner flush.

I was really heart broken with the two beats i encountered. If i had won even one of em i would have been well stacked on the FT (Sigh). But its k there is always a next time and i think for my first live event i had played pretty decent reaching the top 10 in the ME.

Hoping for better results and a better run in the next PGT. Until then tc cheers and have a great one 🙂

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Arjun Parmar

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