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My 1st Live Tourney at the PGT

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-08-06 at 12:00 AM

yo wat up guys? its been a while since i last blogged. well not much happening at my end. had taken a break from poker for a bit and was waiting for my first live tourney at the PGT in Goa.

Well… to start off… my flight too goa was pretty scary since the weather was bad and the flight was facing too much turbulence. It scared the shit outta me n the others in the flight. But i landed safely and reached goa and headed to CR for the 1st event which was the 5k Freezout. the tourney was good and also got a good response. there were a total of 83 players for the 1st event.

Since it was my first live tourney i was a bit nervous. I managed to get my stack a bit up. tried a few strats which were discussed at the PGMP and they did work out good. I made a real bad move in one of my hands which hurt my stack real bad and then got knocked out soon.

27th was the 2nd event of 12k Bounty. again the event got a good response and over all the tourney was good. I survived for a bit and then got busted in 25 – 30th i guess or may be earlier dont really remember. But i had to stay back since one of my real close friend (Ankit Thurkhud) who had come for the tourney with me made a great deep run till the FT

Most of the time in these two events i was card dead so i couldn’t make a move even if i wanted too. Besides the tourney the other reason of my PGT visit was the meet with all the PGMP mates and PG pros. I met Adi, Rajat, Danny, Sammy, Vinay, Prabhat, Shaun, Amit, Laveena, Siddhart, Aditya Sushant etc. wow… great players great people to hang out with. it was awesome…

28th was the ME which had a buy-in of 25k and also a Sat for 2.5k. I ended up playing the sat for the ME. the sat had 4 full tables (36 players) out of which the top 5 were going to get a ME seat and the 6th place was gonna be awarded with 10k prize money. Great fun in the sat nice good games and super donks as well. I played it till the end a won my self a seat in the main event (Yayyyy) 🙂

Will talk about it in my next blog… Tc till then be good n safe n see you at the tables 😀


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Arjun Parmar

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