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My APT weeek

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-06-01 at 12:00 AM

After PGT I had some live sessions for the PokerGuru mentorship program, it was awesome meeting people who I have interacted online but not yet met. I think we have an excellent group who are willing to learn and help each other; I have already seen enormous growth in some of the players and know for a fact that they will only be getting better. I was really tired after APT ended, the team did well overall but could have been better, still I am pretty happy with the team performance.

APT kicked off with the weekend satellite, it was the best value satellite I have ever played in Goa. They ended up getting 30odd people and after re-entries they were giving 13 seats (5 seats were added by Casino Royale). By the time re-entries finished we were down to just 28 people. I built a huge stack and was having a lot of fun at the bubble, being basically assured a seat, there were lot of shortstacks and I managed to double all of them up at one point (I still had heaps of chips) before we decided to put in 1500 each and give the 14th guy a seat as well. PokerGuru team ended up getting 7/9 seats, with just KC and Rajnish missing out.

Overall the side event numbers at APT were pretty low and with way faster structure than other Indian tourneys (we def play way deeper and better structure for 10k and 15k events here as compared to APT events). Also, they need to re-think about their 4pm starts at least for side events if they want to increase the turnout.

I was able to run superhot in the 10k FO and managed to chop it heads up with samohhh for 140k each, we decided to shove allin blind every hand once we got heads up (he had slightly more chips than me), it was fun since we chopped the first 4 hands in dramatic fashion beore I won the 5th one. Samohhh was back at it the next day as well and ended getting 3rd in the bounty event.

150k Highroller ended up getting just 9 players. There were lot of interesting hands:
200-400: eff stacks 22k, I open cutoff to 900, Phil makes it 4k on btn, I re-raise to 7600 he calls. Flop QQ6 I bet 3600 he shoves I call with QQ, he mucks.
300-600: We are 6 handed. I have QTo, Harshad limps for 600, I make it 2100 Harshad calls. Flop Jh 8h 7c, he check calls 2200, turn 4 check check river J he bets 2k I make it 6500 he folds.
400-800: Harshad limps I make it 2600 with JJ on the btn, bb (only unkown player) makes it 7k , I put him allin for 25k, he calls and shows KJhh and hits.
400-800: Rohit opens for 2200, raman flats 2200, harshad flats from sb, I shove 18k from bb with A8 and suckout on Raman’s KK.
400-800 :eff I hav 40k Harshad has 32k, we are 5 handed. Harshad opens for 2200 I flat on btn with AJo. Flop is J 67 he bets 5300 I make it 11,200 and call his shove, he has AA and holds.
500-1k: bustout hand I open shove A6 for 12k, Raman calls with AK and holds.

APT Main event definitely had an awesome structure and was very well run on each day. Lloyds and team do an awesome job and Craig is always there to overlook things.
I had the softest starting table, I don’t remember many significant hands from early on but I remember raising a lot and c-betting and folding. I was getting pretty frustrated at one point with what seemed me running into endless number of hands. I remained patient though and tightened up quite a bit.

Here are the end of the day hands:
250-500: Kanishka opens CO to 1200, Arindam flats I shove 12k with KQ, Arindam calls with K9 I hold.
300-600 I open A2o utg+1 to 1300, Kanishka defends bb. Flop A 2 5 he check calls 1800. Turn Q check check, river K he check folds to 4600.
300-600 I open 68o utg+1 to 1300, Rishabh chawla makes it 3100, I make it 4900 he shows 93 and folds, I show 68o.
400-800 Bhatti opens to 2200 utg, I call utg+1 with TT bb Nilson calls. Flop K 4 5 he bets 3100 I call Nilson folds, turn 3 he bets 3100 I call, river 2 check check he has JJ.
400-800 last hand of the night, Arindam opens for 2500 I shove 17k with 55, he calls with KJss, I hold and double.

Day 2:
600-1200: Kishore opens to 2600 from MP, dealer mucks his hand by mistake, I shove allin for 24k from sb with JQ, bb Anil Adiani calls with AT, I hit a J and double up.
600-1200: eff bb has 40k I have 50k, I open to 2400 utg with AQdd, bb calls. Flop is A Q 6r, I bet 2800 he makes it 6k I make it 9200 he shoves with Q6hh, I hold.
800-1600: I open to 3300 with 48dd, sb Kishore calls and lohia calls in bb. Flop is 2 5 6, kishore bets 7200 I call. Turn 7 he checks I bet 10,200 he shoves I call, he has TT.
1.5-3k: I open to 6k with 9Jo, he makes it 9k on btn with KQ, I call. Flop 8 T Q, I check he bets 9500 I make it 25500 he shoves 70k I call and hold.
2.5-5k I get short and open shove A9 and suckout on Pulkit’s JJ
2.5-5k I win AKss vs pulkit’s TT to bust final table bubble.

Final table:
2.5-5k Oishi opens HJ to 11500 I 3b to 26500 with A7dd he folds.
3-6k I open 12k with KJ, Raju calls bb. Flop J 7 6 he check raises my 13k bet to 40k with 50k behind, I shove he folds.
3-6k Sameer makes it 17k utg I flat, (not gonna say wat I had), Flop J 76 check check, turn Q he bets 23k I make it 49k he calls, river blank check check he shows AQ and wins.
4-8k I open to 17k with KK, Nilson makes it 40k in MP, Prabhat shoves 170kish with TT and suckout for CL pot with 9 left.
4-8k bustout hand, I shove 63k utg+1 with k6o, Nilson calls with AJ and holds.

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