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My Experience at the BPT & IPC and Current Online Grind

Posted by Rony Chowdhury on 2020-02-06 at 2:52 AM
Rony Chowdhury

Hello poker community, it’s been long since I blogged any updates on my poker journey, so I thought of taking some time out to blog today.

I was recently in Goa for both the BPT and IPC, and I have to admit it was a great experience. I did well at the BPT, but the IPC I bricked.

The most memorable of them all was my deep run in the BPT Main Event. Things could have played out differently had it not been for this one hand that played out once we were down to 20 odd players. I opened it from the button. Navkiran Singh jammed 20 big blinds with queen six and I called with Ace king. I lost that hand, and I was down to 1 BB, but somehow managed to run it up to finish 10th in the Main Event.

IPC I bricked, but the overall experience in Goa was amazing.

After returning, I took some rest and got back to the online grind. There is a lot of value right now, as almost every site is hosting good events. I am also planning to start playing on Adda52 from this month as they have finally changed their TDS policy.

Online, I had a couple of decent scores and deep runs recently. I shipped a big event and also made it to a few final tables. Just recently, I finished 6th in the PokerStars India High Roller, which was eventually chopped by fellow PokerGuru boys. Adi is also taking regular sessions, so it’s turning out to become an excellent system. Study in the day time and grind at night. That’s helping a lot too.

For now, my future plan is to keep traveling for live series. I will keep grinding online, but I plan to improve on my live game as well. That’s it for now. I hope I have some good results and positive developments to talk about in my next blog very soon!

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1 year ago

congratulations on your wonderful journey, poker has changed many lives. All the best for the upcoming tournaments both online and offline.

Rony Chowdhury

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