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My First Blog Post

Posted by Karan M on 2012-10-16 at 12:00 AM

After a long time I am back to blogging at poker. I always like it incognito as I separate my poker life from my normal routine. Kinda like Batman:-) I used to blog within a specific group and had given up a couple of years back. Anyways this is my first blog post at PokerGuru. It took me a while but I am slowly warming up to the site.

It has been almost more than 7 years since I started playing poker at home games both tourney and cash. I have always been better live than online. I could never actually translate my skill set from live to online but I keep trying at. it When I say I am better live I dont mean I have big scores. Its just that my profits stem from live than online. Both cash and tourneys – live always lured me to the intricacies of poker than actually hitting a button to make plays. Its just that I couldnt spend as much time to live as online because one, you dont need to travel and the other it wouldnt disrupt your life for days. Online – at comfort of home you could put the attention but it hasnt translated to the results I always rooted for. That being said, online I could count the days I bring my A-game when I feel unstoppable but it ends up being a train wreck and only anguish to look at.

Looking at PGMP, I think as several have pointed out, it is a wonderful opportunity to everyone who is aspiring to make a living online. Playing online I had a small group I used to discuss hand with but never all force, in-depth analysis. Maybe a hand here and there that had an impact on tourney result. But deciphering the in-between hands plays a bigger role in one improving as a player. I am not sure what the agenda of program is. But if it isnt already in there, I think HUD analysis and how to review HH would be of great help. These are two aspects which I have been lacking all the while at online play. I think this in itself is the biggest drawback for me.

Coming to my last week of tourneys, I have been playing a lot of micro MTTs. Had a nice run going over couple of days but the effort hasnt translated to results. Just ran into the luck monster late in most of them where in, I was making the right calls and getting sucked out. And making the right folds, board was mocking at me for folding, it was just pitiful but that is how poker is and I guess everyone goes through the same. As the saying goes, you only remember the bad beats you give but never the ones you hand out imperiously.

One hand in the last week I would like to detail out. I didnt capture the HH else would have posted it on forums. It was 6-handed with around 30p left, it was a large 3.30 MTT. UTG (5BBs) shoved, UTG+1(I – 18BBs), min raised. there were two players with large stacks – 30BB, 45BBs behind me in order. So for isolation it was on instinct I min raised with an easy call on push. But the worst thing happened, they both snap shoved – now it was the easiest of decisions with 99 as I was sure they are not pushing light with such stacks. I showed and mucked, as expected they had KK and AA and short stack had 77. flop was T98xx and the short stack guy left saying ‘now go kill yourself:-)’. It was really funny. It was such a weird spot, typically I shove but having made the mistake of min raising it was a really right fold because irrespective of the implied odds I was drawing so thin PF.

Well, I will try to post more but I know I cant promise that. Hopefully I will run right and have the results to show for. Until then, good luck to everyone at the tables!!

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Karan M

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