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My Mom and Poker- Part 2

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-08-21 at 12:00 AM

This is a sequel to my previous blog with the same name. The first part had me introduce my mom and how she took the news that I am gonna play poker for a living. This one is gonna tell you how my mom and dad have accepted the fact that their son is gonna do it for real and how Indian parents respond to poker players.

First off, I have a Hi-tech mom. She is on facebook, visits PokerGuru.in often to check team blogs (yeah she knows everyone, thanks to facebook) and yeah “likes” me on facebook. She has no idea what poker is or how it is played. She of course knows its a card game and stuff, but thats it. So, if you see my mum “like” my fb status which says, “spewed massively on the final table of the milly which cost me $200k in equity”, dont think she is cruel. She doesnt know. She could even comment saying,” well done son.”

So all of you know what happened when I broke the news to her and how she has transformed into a poker players mom has been phenomenal.

I started working when I was 19. Right out of college. I was a trainer when I was 20. I starting taking home a good salary right from that time and my folks were extremely happy with me. They used to tell the world how good their son is, and I still remember the pride with which she used to tell her friends that ” my son is a trainer. The youngest in his company”. I was the youngest trainer at Convergys at that point in time and I think its still a record. Not too sure. But yeah, My mum always was happy in me doing a normal job and getting a monthly salary and stuff.

Till a couple of months ago, she never used to tell anyone that I am not training. She used to tell the world that I am a freelance trainer and takes training sessions on contract (true to a certain extend) when I was grinding away to glory. She used to try and talk me out of poker till a point she realized I was never going to. I became a PokerGuru pro in April and that was it. I had decided that I aint gonna do anything else for a living other than play Poker.

At this point I have to mention that, my sister was really supportive. She was the last person I thought would be, considering the line of work I chose. However, I was shocked when my mum said that my sister thought I was doing the right thing. She started reading the blogs on our site, and I think figured that I know what I am doing and its not as bad as it looks.

I explained to my folks that it is not gambling and it has a lot of skill involved . I told her about a little kid from Kolkata who went to the US to study and came back with $3 Million in cashes in his career, and another lil kid from Chennai, who is sitting at $100k plus. And like god wanted me to, I am on the same team. It dint take me a lot of convincing and stuff, coz my parents are the most open minded parents in the world. I mean, they are really cool with most things I do. (Now poker too).

Although it took time, now, when a friend asks her what I do for a living, she proudly says “My son is a professional Poker player”. “Friend – “you mean he is a gambler”. Mum – “You havent heard of poker?? Its the next biggest thing in India. See lemme explain…….” and it goes on. Love you mum.

And for this week’s edition, Intervention Says : “Never ever 3 bet without a plan”.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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