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My name dont MATA or does it :S

Posted by Pranay Kapoor on 2013-06-27 at 12:00 AM

“Only 1 out of every 100 readers comments on your blog”. Despite that horrible statistic which i do believe is more or less true I have decided to write my 1st ever blog and what better topic to write about than POKER.

I was introduced to the game a few years ago like most other Indians i know, courtesy of Zynga on Facebook and within no time, it was all i wanted to do. Like most parents, my parents too were and still are apprehensive about me going crazy about a CARD GAME and becoming an addict/gambler, and despite making them read articles about poker being a game of skill more than it is a game of luck my parents opinion about the game has not changed. Despite that i continue to play as often as i can both online and live with a bunch of friends, though off late we have been addicted to Chinese more than Hold Em 😀

Introduction- Name’s Pranay. Here’s the thing. I am no big name in the Poker Scene in India (Inshallah that will change soon). I don’t have 14,000 followers on Twitter or my own paparazzi 😉 I don’t have a fancy title or a shirt with my own face on it. Yet.
On a more serious note i’ve been born and brought up in Pune. I Finished my MBA last year, got placed as a Business Analyst in Bombay. Couldnt work for more than 2 months. Quit my job and started playing poker for a living in Bombay itself (obviously without the consent of my parents). Unfortunately due to live games being too expensive for me i had to dedicate all my time online. Used to play only SnG’s, wasnt very fond of MTT’s back then. Had a 300$ bankroll and used to grind at the $3.5 and $7SnG’s (i know i wasnt supposed to play these stakes, but i had to take a slight gamble in order to survive off poker and meet my break even which i kept at 700$’s a month) which went really well for me for a good 3 months where i was cashing out a good 1000$’s a month which was sufficient to meet my expenses there, as i didnt really go out that often. And then Doomsday arrived. Will keep it short. Got drunk came home smashed and the rest was history. I am not the saving types so now it was time to fall back onto Plan B which was to Join my Family business back in Pune in case i ever went broke. Made up a sob story about my job to my parents and last year in November, i technically quit my job and joined my dad.

Poker Scene Now- The biggest con of the hospitality industry is the lack of time you have to give to most things including poker. Weekends when people are usually grinding its business time for me and thus cant play too much. Luckily for me since i take Mondays off (yes Mondays off 🙁 ) i sit and grind MTT’s on Sundays (Post 11 pm). I basically started playing MTT’s only 2 months ago, havent had any big cashed to rave about, still learning alot of things such as spots to pick deep into a tourney, when to change gears etc.

Goal i’ve set myself- To adapt to the MTT world asap and apply
for PGMP 4 (which i am assuming will take place). Unfortunately cant apply for PGMP 3 due to personal reasons.

Anyways shall try and blog more often and be more active on the site.

Gracias for your time amigos.

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Pranay Kapoor

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