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My Periodical Update

Posted by Ashish Munot on 2019-06-15 at 10:19 AM

I am back to writing a blog after a long time and would want to canvas my recent poker journey. I recently had some excellent scores online, I shipped The Summit on PokerBaazi after final tabling the same event last week, also won the Mega Stack on Spartan along with a few other deep runs and scores. So my last 2-3 months have been good overall, but I know I did miss out on several titles and more opportunities.

A little bit of spazzing and sometimes making moves which are not standard per se may be responsible for that but its also because I have not really been focusing on my fitness. I was probably getting impatient and wasn’t able to consistently focus that much at the end of the grind or at the later stages of the tournaments. I have realized that 3/10 times, I wasn’t able to convert because of less focus and due to fatigue. It is mainly because I was utterly ignoring concentrating on the fitness aspect.

Now I certainly want to dedicate and focus a lot on my fitness, I am making conscious efforts, and I have started consuming a healthy diet followed by some simple exercises and meditation to get back on track and get my focus in place. It’s been a couple of weeks, and I plan to continue doing this for an extended period. It’s a continuous process, and stuff like this won’t show immediate results, but yes, you start feeling slightly better slowly and gradually. So now I am conscious that I want to focus more at the end of the tournaments when probably the field is down to just 1-2 tables. Meditation is helping, but it’s a process, and it`s too early to say.

I see a lot of good things happening currently in poker; back in the day, there used to be only one poker site – PokerStars.com. In India, the journey started with Adda52, Spartan and PokerBaazi, and now we have websites like 9stacks and a couple of other, and all these websites host regular events with decent guarantees.

Earlier when big tournaments used to happen, we used to think it’s not going to happen too often, but we now see big events being consistently announced every month. Obviously, there are things which need to improve, but poker is just booming. Only if they make mistakes, they will get things right.

Last 3-4 months, we have seen a lot of new usernames. Before it used to be a reg-infested field but now there are a lot of recreational poker players who just want to play poker. So the reach of the sport is becoming wider day-by-day, and hopefully, it will become huge in the future.

Another plus side is that with all these poker stables operating in the country, players are getting opportunities to get coached by some of the best in the industry and they are not limited or restricted with bankroll too. Like take my case, I am sorted to play pretty much everything I would want to play by PokerGuru Staking. Be it live or online; cash or tournaments, my stable is pretty happy to back me up. That’s obviously a huge thing.

Even for beginners, if they trust the process and keep playing solid poker, they can move up in stakes. Moreover, they get incredible coaching so the concepts that a regular person would take 5-6 years to learn, these players grab within a year. Essentially, they save up to 5 years of learning time! For all the new players, I would like to advise that play solid poker, play a few tables, keep it simple. Watch videos, review your hand history and know where you stand. If you get things right, you can apply for a poker stable and get things going.

I would like to point out that almost half of the fields that we see currently, even some of the bad regulars are 4-5 years behind some of the coached players. That’s due to the coaching we get and the access we get to everything. There are some excellent tools available for advanced strategies, and people who use them can really play close to GTO.

For me, I plan to continue playing high stakes live cash, online MTT’s, and try to balance everything. As usual, I have been playing live cash for 3 days in a week and the remaining 3-4 days, I play online tournaments. I have not been traveling recently, and the next thing on the agenda is APT Vietnam in July.

I don’t want to solely play poker, and I certainly would want to keep everything balanced. I will even plan my WSOP trip in the next couple of years as I would want to be in a position to play at least the WSOP Main Event regularly. Indian boys have been killing it in Vegas this year. We have got a great start to the series with scores from Shravan, Sushi, Iyer, Ahuja, etc. These guys are the top pros in the country, and they undoubtedly know what to do when. Good luck Team India!!

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Ashish Munot

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