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My poker journey & training under the best – Aditya Agarwal

Posted by Parikshit Dhall on 2019-03-08 at 10:52 PM

Hi, my name is Parikshit Dhall and my journey in poker has been nothing short of enthralling, to say the least. When I was in college, I heard about this game of poker from a few of my friends who started playing it recreationally. Out of sheer inquisitiveness, I decided to join them one day just to see what was so gripping that all my friends would make it an everyday affair to play it.

The game looked interesting to me and I decided to play it on Facebook to get acquainted with the rules. It wasn’t long before I started playing it among my friends and soon it became a passion for me too. With time I started raising the stakes slowly and almost after two years of grinding at the smaller levels, I decided to visit a poker club in Kolkata. I was nervous and tense but I held my own that day and with some discipline, I managed to make a positive score that day itself. This gave me the confidence to play amidst the more skilled players regularly and fortunately for me, it was the correct choice. I started playing more frequently across different tables in Kolkata and also made a few trips to the casinos in Goa and Gangtok which also boosted my bankroll.

I was doing a job for a private limited company in Kolkata but all along the way, I knew where my heart was. For many aspiring poker players, I’m sure choosing between work and poker can get daunting at times, but in my mind, I had made a choice about what I wanted. It was equally important for me to get approval from my parents.

After some initial reservations (which am sure all parents have), and after me explaining to them as to why I wanted to take this up, they agreed and I must say I am very fortunate to have such parents who have backed me to chase my dreams. Getting into online MTT’s on a regular basis was a conscious decision on my part and in the last 8 months, I shipped 3-4 events on the Indian sites which got me really pumped up. But then again this sport has its own variance, so there were slumps on the way too. Getting into the PokerGuru family was the best thing I could have hoped for because getting trained by Aditya Agarwal aka Intervention is every Indian player’s dream. I hope my journey can just take off from here so that I can keep doing what I enjoy the most for the rest of my life.

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Parikshit Dhall

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