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My Poker story

Posted by Suraj B Udayashankar on 2015-09-04 at 12:00 AM

[LEFT]Hello Friends!
I am Suraj B U from Bangalore, presently residing at Hubli and play online with the moniker XiBiT and XiBiT_AA. I have been a gaming enthusiast all my life.

4 years ago half of my day used to be occupied by playing the famous PC game Counter Strike and few other games like NFS, DOTA etc with my buddies at internet cafes. That is when i learnt about the game of poker. Soon i started playing on Zynga like most others did. I instantly got hooked on it. The Zynga Poker episode went on for a about a year.

Having played on Zynga so far i wanted to experience for real how it felt playing at real tables. Its like one of those times when you first lay your foot on the football ground before the first big match of your life, just to know how it feels out there coz you arent sure whether you’l make it in the final squad. In my case it was to find out- how it feels at the felts? Whether this was my cup of tea? Can i go a long way in this game? Can i be one of the best?.

Finally i made my first visit to a casino at Goa to experience it. There were no surprises. My 10k stack got distributed among other players very soon. I made 2 more visits during that particular year and these visits were not futile like the 1st one. I made small profits of 5k in one visit and 3.5k in the other. Honeslty, i knew nothing about poker back then apart from the basic set of rules and would play only when the hand was made. Time flew by.

One fine day i learnt from one of my friends that a new poker room known as Rockets just opened up at Bangalore near by to my place. That is where my poker journey truly began. On my 1st visit to Rockets i played for around 3-4hours and converted my 2.5k stack to over 30k (dumb luck though), cant say i played an A game coz i still knew nothing about poker.
Over my consecutive visits I kinda rode a roller coster ride with a lot of swings still trying to figure out what poker really was. During these visits i was lucky to meet few well known people in the poker community Mr. Rajeev Raut, Mr. Sangeeth Samoh Mohan, Mr. Praveen Dwarkanath, Mr. Hussain Lakda, Mr. Prabhakaran Che. Playing and speaking with them and few other poker players i gained quite some knowledge about poker. The intricasies of the game, way of approach, terminoligies, table etiqutte etc. I learnt about online sites, PokerGuru, gutshot magazine, tournaments too.

Knowing all that i hit it off with self improvement program. I watched several videos on youtube, read famous books on Poker, and started playing onine. Steadily my game was improving day by day. I lost a lot of money playing online in the initial stage. It is a hard way to learn by losing money but i had to improve at any cost. Doing all these my knowledge and strength over the game substantially grew. I gained confidence and it was time to try out cash tables at various clubs around Bangalore and take part in tournaments.

I visited and played at RPR, KnQ, AFnC many times. Sometimes ended up with profit and sometimes with loss. Speaking about live tournaments i have played 4 events till date making the following finishes-
1. TILT Poker Series 5k Rebuy (DEC 2014)- Busted
2. THOS 6K Blitz (MAR 2015)- 12th Place
3. THOS Chip Hop Hustle 9k Mini Main (MAY 2015)- 8th Place
4. IPC 10k Kickoff (AUG 2015)- Busted

I will be playing more tournaments in the future and will try to make a good score.

Looking back from where I started off, I believe i have become a much better poker player and would aim to become one of the best. I have covered some distance in the journey of poker and I still have a long way to go. Fellow mates reading my blog and the ones planning on giving a kickstart to a new begginning in poker, REMEMBER! In this journey the road never ends.

By saying all this i would like to conclude my first blog. Will keep blogging whenever possible. Take care till then. Adios

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Suraj B Udayashankar

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