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My Shot at Makin it Large!! S1 ep3 The Plan(read self promise)

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-11-23 at 12:00 AM

So here’s the thing..I was elated when I was selected for the PGMP…It was like half d job done..but 5 sessions down..I hav started to realize that although I have gotten better from where I was in the beginning still I havent made it count at all..

The reason being I am not revising the concepts taught and my learning is just restricted to the sessions with Adi…I take vigorous notes during the session but except d first session I havent really gone back nd revised the concepts…I try to master them by putting in more volume…but I guess ‘Learn before u apply’ is d way to go…

So,The plan from now on to the next session is…
1)Go thru the entire chat history on skype..part by part..
2)Edit the notes made during the sessions..
3)Learn 1 thing at a time and try to grasp the maths behind it..cz frankly I hav always hated maths…nd i thought i could do widout it…but thats just stupid..so m gonna befriend maths…nd here its not that difficult as well..PGMP mates who r regularly on skype..m gonna bump u guys wid alot of questions in d following days.. 🙂
4)Start playin with Pokerstove..I feel so stupid when adi asks sm question on equity nd by d time m done puttin in ranges, several ppl hav already answered..
5)Take part in all the threads in the ‘hand advice’ forum..
6)Blog regularly coz that vil keep me motivated..

PS-I wont be playing even a single tourney until I am done revising and memorising all the concepts..

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Rajit Kumar

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