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My Shot at Makin it Large!!! S1 ep4 Halway There…

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-11-26 at 12:00 AM

Never imagined learning could be fun..How could I? Non-Medical and then 4 years of an Engineering degree..Learning to me was…ummm forget it…well i guess depends on wat ur tryin to learn…

Goin thru d chat history.. I am realizing d importance of goin thru it again coz during the session deres so much good stuff being thrown at u nd me being a slow learner obviously cant capture it all :confused: …

Anyways, I am almost halway dere…still 3 more days fr d next session..I should be done revising by then…nd also il start putting in a lil volume from tonight just to try new stuff…il b playin some 180 mans to start wid..nd large field MTT’s in a few days..a big bink is just around d corner 😎

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Rajit Kumar

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