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My Shot at Makin it Large!!! S1 ep5 Time tournaments and December grind :-)…

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-12-01 at 12:00 AM

My grind (nt sure if i can call it a grind cz of d meagre volume) began last nite…before that wasnt putting in MTT volume at all..was just playin a lil bit of cash due to lack of time and also a self-ban fr a few days (read [url]https://pokerguru.in/forum/entry.php?501-My-Shot-at-Makin-it-Large!!-S1-ep3-The-Plan (read-self-promise[/url]) to know y)..now that I am done wid d ban nd i feel a lot more confident at different tough spots…I have slowly started d grind..Played some 4-5 micros last night…did pretty well in 2 of them..1 hand i wanted to discuss I have posted it on skype…vil post in d HH forum tonite..cz havin sm prob converting it (read lazy)..

I tried the Time tournaments on PS…registered without knowin wat it actually is…but i must tell u enjoyed playin it a lot…I played a 30 min nd a 15 min each…made $16 in d 3.3 nd $13 in d 1.1…They r great fr ppl like me who cant play d regular tourneys on weeknights… Played a couple of turbos…cashed in 1 of dem…for d first time played 4 tables of MTT’s… m not new to multitabling cz I hav been playin 6-8 tables of nl5 fr quite sometime now… just that MTT’s i feel its a bit difficult…bt anyhow it went well..

so d plan fr dec is to grind a mix of 4-6 turbos, time tourneys, 2.5 180 mans etc… whatever m in d mood for on d particular day on weeknights… nd den sat nite nd Sunday.. m gonna put in a lot of volume playing d regular tourneys..

I cant thank Adi enough for what he has taught us so far… now wen i play I know wat m doin nd y m i doin it in dat spot.. I try to play d entire hand in my head before i actually play it.. I dunno hw to tell u wat i mean.. bt m sure most of u in d PGMP r gettin an idea of wat m talkin about.. Wen i look back i feel earlier i used to just sit there, click buttons and burn money 😡 !!!

Vil keep u guys posted on d progress.. I have never ever binked a MTT… I really wanna dis month..nd i think i vil 😎 !!! just had to write it here… coz dis vil keep me motivated..

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Rajit Kumar

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