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My Shot at Makin it Large!! S1 ep6 Sunday Plan

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-12-07 at 12:00 AM

Finally got a Sunday free from work after 2 weeks :cool:…yeah wat to say..construction industry is brutal..gettin a Sunday off is a privilege..lol..
So anyways..those who read my last blog know that I have made a self-promise to bink a tournament dis month..and already a week has gone nd I havent played much :mad:..so have drafted sort of a schedule for this Sunday..nd i need ur help..here is what i have thought..

Tourney Time (IST) Buy-in
Big 2.2 7am $2.2
Bigger 3.3 1130am $3.3
2.2 turbo 130pm $2.2
2.2+R 2pm $6.2
4.4(2R1A) 245pm $16.4
Hot 2.2 3pm $2.2
$11 6max 430pm $11
Hot 3.3 5pm $3.3
Hot 4.4 6pm $4.4
Big 5.5 730pm $5.5

Can u experienced guys suggest me any other tournies.. I am comfortable upto $5 wid another $11 maybe.. If the total buyin goes more than $75, I might sell about 30% of my action (not sure if any1 vil buy it :confused:…lol)..also I wanna make d schedule keepin in mind dat most of d times m playing 4 tables.. I can play 6 easily…but i prefer 4..its easier to take notes nd stuff..

Also if i let go off d Big 2.2 early in d morning at 7.. I can play some on sat night as well.. M sure most of u are actively grinding on weekends.. so any suggestions would be highly appreciated..

GL all…lets ship some fakin tournies!!!

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Rajit Kumar

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