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My Shot at Makin it Large!! S1 ep7 Whoa!!!Sunday again..

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-12-15 at 12:00 AM

Last Sunday did not bring any good results.. Ran like shit..good thing that I was always ahead or atleast had 40-45% equity when i put my money in..so atleast m happy that I am making the right decisions more often than not..DV after seeing my bustout hands was equally disgusted..I was actually hoping for deep runs but got nothing going my way..

Tomorrow il be keeping a similar schedule and pretty much vil be grinding the entire day..I am a little low on BR right now so a good win would be relieving as well as it vil boost my confidence..

Also I am thinking to learn 180 man strategy..I have bled alot of money playing d 2.5 180 man turbos nd I know for sure m doing something wrong..

Nothing else happening in my life is worth mentioning..A friend has come from US..so il be going to Delhi to meet her next Saturday…so next Sunday I wont be able to follow dis schedule…so tomorrow better be good… 😎

Run good everyone..GL..

PS- refer [url]https://pokerguru.in/forum/entry.php?529-My-Shot-at-Makin-it-Large!!-S1-ep6-Sunday-Plan[/url] for the schedule..I played the bigger 16.5 as well (won seat in a satty)…

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Rajit Kumar

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