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My Shot at Makin it Large!!! S2 ep01 ~~Things not goin d way i want them to..

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2013-01-07 at 12:00 AM

Sigh, I hate to mention it but havent played a single hand in like 20 days.. Smoking and bad eating n sleeping habits were taking a toll on health… so I started working out.. get free frm office at 9 den go to d gym… by d time i reach back its almost 12…so really nt getting any time for Poker..nd i hate dat…I also have to admit here dat before this break I ran like shit fr almost 2 weeks nd took a big hit to d BR…so in a way dis break was necessary…now just have to figure out how to take out d time for Poker…If it would have been cash..I would have still put in some volume…but since I now completely focus on MTT’s nd considering the time dey require…Sundays seem to b d answer fr me…

Being coached by 1 of the finest players in d world, I feel dat I am learning a lot but not just getting the time to implement it… nd dis game is all about volume..Just waiting to build enough BR dat i could finally concentrate on Poker nd maybe take some time off work nd play like d pros do..pretty ambitious..but wtf..I can figure it out!!!

Really looking forward to post-flop sessions from dis week (My last 2 sessions were ruined due to my slow tata photon internet connection…couldn participate in any discussion…none of my chats went thru…nd all d chats were loading after a lag of like 15-20 min..It was so annoying..good dat post flop didn start last time.. I have called customer care nd threatened to sue them lol..m sure it vil work fine now..).. Gotta plug alot of leaks..

Vil surely start dis Sunday…vil keep u updated ;-)… Hope to run good dis year.. Its kinda due i feel..lol

EDIT:Also il b selling action from dis Sunday.. if any1 interested.. if post a thread here [IMG]http://resources.pokerstrategy.com/smileys/fish-confused.gif[/IMG]

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Rajit Kumar

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