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My Shot at Makin it Large!!! S2 ep02 ~~48 hrs of poker expected…gonna be LEGENDARY!

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2013-01-25 at 12:00 AM

Seriously… I am fed up of cribbing that I am not getting enough time for poker… still d same.. nt even a single hand in more than a month.. I have made alot of self promises and havent kept even 1 of them when it comes to putting in volume..

So, I am just gonna jump into it tomorrow itself.. 2 days off from office nd gym both… I am gonna put on my poker glasses: cool:… lol… dnt have much of a BR rite now… didn bother topping up funds as i wasnt playing… so m gonna sell most of my action… I am workin on d schedule fr dese 2 days as i type dis… Il put it on d forum…

Buy my action.. coz m gonna ship somethin in dese 2 days fr sure: rolleyes:!!!

EDIT- DV i have skyped u twice fr $$ nd forgot abt it… sorry fr dat…nw i really need dem..contact me on fb or smthn.. nd ya Happy Birthday bro…ship a big 1 tonite!!!

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Rajit Kumar

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