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My shot at making it large–S1ep1

Posted by Rajit Kumar on 2012-11-15 at 12:00 AM

Hello everyone.. I did a blog post here but couldnt figure out how to link this 1 to it so from now d blog is called ‘My shot at making it Large’…filmy eh..lol..d earlier 1 was d normal intro bullshit..so this series..things vil b kept strictly to business..(read poker).

So jus finished the 4th session of d PGMP2…things r goin great..m still in d process of unlearning wrong misconceptions (like i believed 1ce ur down to 20BB’s its a push/fold game..ya really!!) nd learning the new concepts…I bet m gonna bink 1 of d tournies soon if i keep on jus following wats being told to us widout questioning myself at tight spots…just do d right thing…dnt b result oriented..(dats wat adi nd prabhat always say)..

so after d PGMP has started i have been playin frequently..a few deep runs..d best being a 30th in d bigger 3.30…where jetmukesh nd I were both in d top 10 stacks wid abt 80 left…i spewed alot after he busted..nd finally busted 30th…std. AQ<

for now..i gtg MM event 3 startin in a while…wish me luck…nd all d best to all oders who play dese micros.. (@adi..d 3rd entry vil come soon plz dont kick me out of d PGMP 🙂

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Rajit Kumar

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