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All You Need to Know About Applying For PokerGuru Staking’s First Batch of 2021

Posted by PokerGuru Staking on 2021-03-12 at 7:21 PM
PokerGuru Staking

Hello Everyone,

We at PokerGuru Staking have been receiving many queries since our last post about accepting new students. I will try to sum it up in this blog for a clearer understanding of what is required from applicants/potential candidates.

PokerGuru Staking takes ten new students once a year. We do this to keep our resources concentrated on a limited number of students so that we can provide our best efforts to help them beat the learning curve and become profitable players.

Another important query that has come up is the deal that we offer incoming students.

The tentative deal is as follows:

  • Profit-sharing at 50-50 after makeup (best players are offered better deals over time)
  • Player has to be with PokerGuru Staking for a minimum of two years
  • The player CANNOT be staked or coached by anyone else during this time
  • Players will play games at the stakes decided by the stable and cannot play any other games
  • No Streaming or Youtube Videos to be made (no strategy-based knowledge sharing in any form)
  • Players cannot grind or live with any non-PokerGuru Ambassador during this time
  • No NEGATIVE history
  • MTT players CANNOT miss a Sunday grind
  • Players MUST attend all coaching sessions
  • MTT players have to average 300 MTTs a month and cash game players 50k hands per month
  • Poker has to be your primary source of income and not a side hustle
  • You will have to write one blog each month on PokerGuru


We have also received queries on other basic terms. Hence I will list them down below.


What is makeup?

Makeup, in short, is your outstanding loss for the games played on the stake – backed for by the stable. Makeup gets reset to 0 every time profits are split. If the player decides to quit or breaches the agreement in makeup, the player is liable to pay the makeup. If the stable decides to release the player, the player is not liable to pay the outstanding makeup.


Why do we have a 2-year clause?

Our experience from staking upcoming players has taught us that it takes 15-18 months to thoroughly cover all the concepts on average. And we would like to see the player profit and in turn generate profits for us as well.


What can one do to make the staking application more appealing?

These are just a few points that can earn you brownie points in the selection process.

– The ability to use all kinds of software (PT4, HRC, ICMizer being the bare minimum)

– Proven winning player over 1k+ games and a minimum 1,000 MTT sample (we do not consider sharkscope graph of Spartan Poker because it has some errors, graphs of other sites will do)

– Proof of putting in a volume of over 200 MTTs a month or 15K hands per month in cash games

– Having no other commitments in life, poker being your sole focus

– Posting pictures of tournament wins

We follow a professional work ethic environment at PokerGuru Staking and do not see one fit to be a part of PG staking if poker is not their top priority. If you will not be able to give this program all your focus and attention – you shouldn`t apply.

We believe poker is a young man’s game, and younger players in the ever-evolving poker environment move up the learning curve faster. We will give preference to players coming right out of college and regulars who are looking to take their game to the next level (or move up in stakes) under the guidance of a professional team.

We have received many messages from individuals who claim to know the management at PokerGuru Staking – and asking for preferential treatment as friends. The only way to apply to this program is to fill the form available on the PokerGuru Staking FB page (pinned post) and emailing it to staking@pokerguru.in. Selection is ONLY ON MERIT.

You will receive a reply from us in 45 days if selected. PLS NOTE: If you do not receive a reply from us in that time this means your application was not shortlisted. You can always reapply for the next batch.

Our VISION at PokerGuru Staking is to make all our students fundamentally very strong on Theory, Practical application, BRM (Bankroll Management), Discipline, and Work Ethic over a period of two years. Eventually, we want to see all PokerGuru Staking students going out on their own and crushing the fields.

I hope I have covered everything and good luck to everyone! I look forward to welcoming the new batch of PokerGuru Ambassadors very soon.

Good Luck at the tables!

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