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Posted by Laveena Belani on 2012-06-02 at 12:00 AM

After an insightful PGT week right on the heels of commencement of the Mentorship Program, I can earnestly say that I’ve started looking at poker from an entirely new perspective. The PGT May was especially refreshing as I tried and tested (successfully) so many new things that even though I didn’t cash any of the events this time, it felt like my game has reached a whole new level altogether. I could practically and instantly see the results of some of the concepts discussed at the Program during the mere 2 sessions that we had prior to PGT. The entire PokerGuru team – the mentors and the team members – are so helpful and down-to-earth that it makes learning an awesome experience. My passion for the game has only re-ignited since the Program started. After the PGT, I was stuck in Bombay during the UPC and most part of APT; managed to get back only on Day1B of the main event. Anyhow, played the 2 Hyper Turbos getting sucked out on Day 1 (KQo busted by 73s) and spewing on the second day (busted out on AA) !! Guess I got a long road of learning ahead to realize that AA CAN & SHOULD be folded sometimes!!

Back home, I’ve started online lot more seriously, moving from 9-man SnGs to 45-man now – shipping a few and cashing more than few – applying all that we learn in the PGMP and getting comfortable with the techniques. Gotta work on multi-tabling much more efficiently though and up the limits!! I thought live tournaments will always be my first preference – since I started playing live and then moved to online, but I doubt how long that’ll last now !!

Meanwhile, the Mentorship sessions have been going great … tons and tons of things to be learnt from Adi n other mentors; makes me realize how huge a world of learning poker is !!

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Laveena Belani

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