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New to poker

Posted by Kunal Gunjan Talukdar on 2013-07-19 at 12:00 AM

Hi everybody, I started playing poker about 3 months back (April-May,2013).
I bumped into a free poker site called pokerheroes.com where the games were pretty fast with 5 or 7 sec to decide what to do. There was only No-limit holdem SNG. Without any idea about the various strategies used in poker I started playing cautiously and didn’t consider anything below a straight to be a good hand at all times. Neither did I have any idea that I should observe the game play of the opponents. Result: my stack would slowly reduce down to nothing…
After a couple of weeks later, I started reading stuff related to poker and my perception of how to play the game changed 360 degrees. I started observing players and applying various strategies. My game improved but the the elusive win didn’t come much.
Then I got into another site called CardPlayer about 2 months back. I have seen two sites under the same name though and have no idea whether they are the same or different. In the one I joined I started playing and still play the free games. I cashed in one of the freeroll tournament and was told that I would get an email regarding how I would get payed, guess what…never got one. But I still play the free SNGs here.
Till then, my computer was running on Ubuntu OS where you can’t play poker in almost all of the well known poker websites. So I installed Windows 7 and joined a popular website for playing poker.
I joined TitanPoker about a month back through PokerStrategy.com about a month back at the end of June. I started playing the freeroll tournament that the site offers for new players and still play in the morning at 6:30 AM. Till now, I have cashed on one: $4 two days back and with that money, I have played one table SNGs (6 players) in the microstakes with a buy in of $.10+$.2. Today is the 3rd the and I have played 13 games. RESULTS:
1st DAY: played 3 games- cashed in 2 of them with in 2nd position and lost one.The cards on the flop favoured me but pretty bad beats as I made mistakes. But most of the time when I went all in in the pre flop, the cards worked in my favour except the last last hand of the two games I cashed.
2nd DAY: played 6 games- cashed in 1 of them in 2nd position then lost 5 games continuously. I did play a bit crazily though with a lot of pre-flop raises and hardly a flop went my way. And if I got a hand on the flop, I would raise high to protect my cards then get called and later get busted. And I got busted whenever I went all-in. I played very badly with very bad beats.
3rd DAY: played 3 games- lost the 1st game, cashed in 2nd and 3rd games for 2nd position and also cashed in the 4th game which I won. I played better than the last day and I played a bit tight and things fairly worked.
So friends, thats my poker history till now, I have joined this site recently and will continue posting and try improving my game.
I also want to play the other variants of poker, for free though. If anyone knows any site please tell me.

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Kunal Gunjan Talukdar

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