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New Vantage Point

Posted by Laveena Belani on 2012-09-04 at 12:00 AM

After 3 months of PGMP, the improvement in my game still seemed far from satisfactory, inspite of being handed all the tools to do so. Thats when Samohh’s blog came as a saviour, inspiring me to start working from a new vantage point.
All this while, everytime I got sucked out for days at a stretch, it led me to believe that maybe I’m just running bad!! Hence, I should just take a break, calm down and start afresh. But Samohh’s “Work Plan” instantly touched a nerve. What I needed was not a break from poker, but a break in the current pattern – a faulty pattern that had become a default !!!

Only a couple of days into replicating this work plan as per my needs has thrown up such outrageous leaks in my game, it seemed sheer luck that I’ve come as far as I have !!! Of course I was assured that I am an average enough player to have made it here, but surely far from being a “good” one. Lot of room for improvement.

There was this one hand in Big 5.5 where I had decently, steadily stacked up to 48BBs plus at blind levels 125/250 Antes 25, when I think I spewed it all on a marginal hand like TT – would like some comments on this – Here’s how it went:

In a SB v/s BB situation, I look at TT in SB, folded to me and make it 590;
Villain, who’s been playing pretty tight, from BB makes it 1505;
I snap-shove 12k odd into a pot of 2k odd
Villain insta-calls with AJo
Obviously A in the window …

Another tourney I royally spewed was the Sunday Storm – got over-confident after reaching top 500 in a field of 18000, and spewed it on JhTh !!!

So, having even a basic work plan like taking down notes while grinding (as opposed to making mental notes, which is equivalent to air) and revisiting each of your HH can work wonders in identifying and plugging your leaks given the quantum of tools handed to us by Adi.

Now, my next target is to keep working on the leaks in my MTT performances on a daily basis for the next 1 month at least, and keep grinding SnGs to recover the roll I keep “investing” in MTTs. :rolleyes:


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Laveena Belani

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