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New Year New goals.

Posted by Harshil Dhingra on 2013-01-08 at 12:00 AM

happy new year guys,,, these freezing winters have made me so lazy, i didn’t even keep up with the 180 grind which i talked about in my earlier blogs, sleeping 12 hours+ almost everyday..:P

saw the PokerStars fastest to 100k vpps (supernova) challenge completed in less then 40 hours,, sick how mouldyonions (ryan bell) and awice (alex wice) competed for it and awice just winning it as mouldy had software problems at the end, props to both, and now you can find them running for the fastest super nova elite (1M vpps), awice is aiming for 8M vpps this year thts equivalent to $1M+ in rakeback .it would be sick if he could do tht,,,

seeing their challenges, kinda inspired me, no i m not going for supernova elite,, just that i should get off my lazy attitude and put in some hours, grinding, the fact that being mentored by the best mtt player in India you got to put in a lot of time to justify, them putting in the efforts to improve your game,,

so i have made some short term goals,, grinding 180s to be the prime most, putting 50 games+ every session that i sit for till 15th, and play at least a session a day 6-8 tabling, would make my next goal depending on my success/failure of this session, hitting the gym is another of my goal ,,

though i m confident of achieving my 1st goal for January, have already played 2 sessions for 100 games+, and hoping to continue playing more, but at 5deg< hitting the gym feels like an epic fail, lets see how it goes,,

i would update my blog with stats at the end of this week, till then keep crushing the tables..gl

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Harshil Dhingra

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