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No Limit Irish poker and a “Muchos Gracias” to Adi

Posted by sunny sen on 2013-03-20 at 12:00 AM

Full Tilt Poker introduced a new variant of poker last week called “Irish No Limit”. The game is really fun and I have been hard core grinding it over the past week on the HU tables. The rules are real simple:

1. Dealt 4 cards pre
2. Discard 2 cards on flop
3. Follow NL rules all the way.

3 betting range for this game seems to be slightly different from standard NL, calling ranges for 3 bets pre also probably needs some adjustments. 3 betting sizes probably needs to altered as well i guess even for 100bb stacks.

Most of the people I have played at 100-200 in this game seem to 3betting a ton more preflop compared to either NL/PLO HU, dunno if that is just a function of my small sample size or running into random button clickers or some other strat implication that i havent grasped.

It also seems more prudent to play a tad more tighter pre OOP in single raised pot compared to NL. Again this is feel based, completely based on my experience of playing this game over the past week and might be completely off.

But overall the game is generating a lot of action and with limited number of spawned tables action is plentiful and very very good.

Now comes the more important part of this blog.

As most of you know, Aditya Agarwal has been selflessly running his PokerGuru Mentorship Program over the past couple of years, teaching people the correct way to approach and play online MTTs, drilling into noobs like me the basics and subtle nuances of mtt play, analyzing hands that others have played, analyzing HHs from tourneys he has run deep in, and in general giving out top-class coaching and advise that should surely have a siginificant dollar amount attached to it.

Aside from the enormous dollar-value that his FREE coaching program has for any aspiring MTT player, in my opinion his program has created something else equally ,if not more, important.

The crowning achievement of Adi’s program in my view has been that it has created an active online community for serous-semi-serious Indian poker players via his skype groups.

People in this group post stuff from mindless chatter regarding retarded 2p2 threads, rant about bad beats and run bads, notify everyone when someone is running deep, discuss strats which often take off in different tangents and in general provide a meeting place for Indian poker players.

Mind you not everyone is always active or participating in that group, but more often that not pros like Kunal Chandra, Samohh, Danish will show up, Arjun the 4better is pretty active, Prabhat was very very active till a couple of weeks ago with his unique in your face hand criticing methodology, Infusion_Leo has recently started participating in this and some of the upcoming online MTT players like Antilog, PB and DV are very very active in this group as well as PPA-India founder Vinay.

His program has created a sense of community amongst the Indian players.

I hope that when Adi finally winds down his coaching program he will still have the skype group up and running, participate in it himself as regularly as he does now, and others who are in this group will follow his lead and keep the community going.

Till next time
Good luck at the tables

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sunny sen

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