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November update and MTT musings

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2012-12-03 at 12:00 AM


My November MTT graph.Thought this might be as good a time as any to put up a blog update after reading Vinay’s latest blog update. This is not to discourage any MTTers or potential MTTers. I just thought I’d give a picture about the darker side of MTTs since not all’s rosy after all. I’ve been following the local community here and on P5’s and some, more than others seem to be doing really well of late. Good on them and I wish everybody can get streaks like that going. Speaking of streaks, that’s exactly what MTTs are based on for the most part. Money from online MTTs comes in streaks. Many ppl who think they know about MTT variance are probably still largely unaware. I can’t claim to be fully aware about MTT variance but I’ve got a lot better idea now than I did a year ago.

A friend of mine who knows Uhhmee, an MTT reg quoted him as saying “Even the best of MTT players lose 240 days in a year.” I would peg it at a higher number than that. The key in MTTs is to try and capitalize every time you go deep. Avoid mistakes and give it absolute focus. Even if you’re multi tabling, anything you’re deep in should be centre focus on ur screen. This helps ensure you play optimally. Do not interpret this as saying that you should nit it up late stages in an MTT. Rather try and play every spot perfectly, without fear and no matter the result, come away from it patting yourself for having played perfectly. It is a lot easier to be results oriented in MTTs more than cash games because of the insane variance. Always remind yourself variance can only be “short term” and “long term”, you will make money regardless if you’re +ev in them. This is something I have to constantly keep telling myself during a downswing because it’s very important to maintain a steady composure at all times, and play level headed not letting bad results or even good results for that matter affect or change your game.

Constantly work on your game I would advise. There’s a plethora of information out there. Forums, training videos, you name it. Talking strat with good players helps a lot too. I rly like what Adi’s doing with the PGMP and I hope to see India take the online world by storm in the yrs to come. Lot of you guys seem very serious and dedicated to the game which is a good sign.

Having a good BRM system in place always helps. You don’t have to be overly nitty with your BRM but play as comfortably as you can. Dollars are always gonna be available and don’t think of your $300 acc balance as your last resort. Take occasional shots when you’re doing well. Mixing MTTs with some cash or some SNGs helps a lot as it helps reduce the overall variance and can help keep a steady stream coming in to offset the MTT variance you will encounter oh so often.

Coming back to myself, I feel variance hit me bad for the most part last month. I will admit I did play bad at times but after doing an honest evaluation, I do feel it was mainly just running bad for the most part, esp in key parts in the tournies I did go deep in. I had a good 1 and a half months prior to this though so can’t feel too depressed. This month could be potentially big. The FTOPS started yesterday and I’m gonna look to play a few good events within my means. Hopefully, can ship a big one. *Fingers crossed* APT’s starting today as well. I’m gonna take a look at their numbers for today’s event and take a call on whether I wanna go play in Goa. Otherwise, definitely looking forward to going for PGT’s finale on 13th. I still have a shot at finishing in the top 10 of the leaderboard too. Hope I can get at least one good finish there to try and ensure I do. The PGT POY as has been stressed a lot of times already is unbelievable value and a very tough act to follow for anybody else. The numbers will definitely be incredible too and I can’t wait to play. Gonna try and make this a biggie both online and live and try and end the year on a nice high.

GL to all of u for the month. I hope most of you aren’t planning on missing out on PGT’s last event.

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Aditya Sushant

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