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OMG Macau

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-06-10 at 12:00 AM

Team PokerGuru hit Macau for the Macau Poker Cup and what an experience it was. Some of us were playing our first international tournament series and were extremely excited. There was some serious overdose of poker for most of us after a long month of may in Goa, none of us seemed to have had enough!

First event saw all 3 runners from PokerGuru getting bust with KK’s fairly early and heading straight to the cash tables. My day ended well being nearly 3k up in cash and arnd 1k up in blackjack. All of us decided to skip event 2 since we were really tired from the travelling and long cash sessions from the day before.

Event 3 was deepstack with fairly longish blind levels without antes. I altered my strategy for this one and played extremely tight, at times going down to almost 8bb’s and still be comfortable, till I was able to build a big chip advantage closer to the bubble. Thats when I start exploiting the money bubble, opening a lot of pots and accumulating chips on my way. Samohh was also fighting to end the day on a different table and both of us managed to make the money comfortably with both our stacks amongst the top 5 of the 25 left for the day.
Day2 started of brilliantly for me, in the first hand of the day I was involved in a multiway all-in pot with short stacks in which my KK held up to give me the chip lead pot. I don’t think from this hand on I played any hand inaccurately and maintained my chip lead till the final table. It was an awesome experience making my first final table of 2011 after a series of dry runs, and was lovely to see my teammate also on the same final table.

The blind levels were pushed back 3 levels to ensure more play time on the final table. This worked out great for me since i had nearly 750k in chips with blinds at 5k/10k, I really felt at this point that a win will be a lot easy unless I really run bad. Well, I did manage to win it by the end after a lot less number of swings as one would expect on a final table in Goa.

The same night I was registered for the 5k KO bounty and I was so exhausted that I felt like missing out on this one, but since our mentors were joining us for this one, I decided to to play and hangout with the gang. Well, I wish I had unregistered coz’ i almost fell asleep during one of my card dead periods and the dealer had to wake me up. That was pretty embarassing, anyway, I busted with QQ when I knew I was beat but had committed most of my stack to back out of a shove pre and well I was pretty tired anyways (UTG+1 opens 3x , MP flats, I raise to almost 10 BB’s with QQ from SB with a 25 BB stack, original raiser who has both of us covered shoves, MP insta calls and I follow suit. UTG+1 shows AKo and MP shows AA which hold up).

Next event was the big one, MPC Red Dragon main event with a 3 mill guaranteed prizepool. All of us decided to play day 1B but adi forgot to unregister himself from day 1a and almost an hour after the tourney started Mihail checked and found out Adi was registered and both of the rushed play day 1a. Mihail, busted just short of finishing the day when K7s sucked out on his A10, adi made it to day 2 with close to average stack.

4 pro team members played day 1b, I thought I might do it again when I doubled up early and the hand immediately after that I flopped a set and managed to get all chips in against 2 pairs on the flop, but a dreaded 2 outer on the river cut my fairy tale short giving him a higher full house and crippled me to just 15 bb’s. A little while later in a SB vs BB hand i lost out with AA>JJ when a J hit the turn. Amit Varma busted a little while later and mastermind too got a suckout, only samohh could make day 2 from the 4 of us who played day 1b.

There wasn’t much I could do for the rest of the series apart from getting suckouts, and my win would be the only highpoint for the trip for me. We did have loads of fun shopping and visiting some clubs in Macau and the whole team got to bond well.

This trip was one of the most fun trips i’ve been on and hope will be the first of so many more I will go with team PokerGuru for. To sum it up, it was EPIC!!

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Kunal Chandra

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