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Online Grind – The Schedule

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-06-13 at 12:00 AM

As I told you earlier, volume is very very important to be successful online. So here is a lil schedule I am going to follow from today and hopefully will stick to it. Now this is just the weekday + Saturday schedule and on Sunday’s it will mostly be Majors and stuff. I am mentioning all the tournaments with their IST starting time here so that it can benefit everyone. Although a lot of you might not be able to play all the above, try covering most.

IST Buy in Tourney type and Guarantee Site

20:30 $75 $14,500 KO Full Tilt
21:30 $26 $12,500 Full Tilt
22:00 $11 $23,000 Rebuy Rush Full Tilt
22:30 $75 $17,500 6 Max Full Tilt
23:30 $26 $24,000 Full Tilt
00:30 $26 $30,000 ME Full Tilt

21:30 $22 $25,000 Pokerstars
22:00 $11 $20,000 Pokerstars
22:45 $55 $20,000 Turbo Pokerstars
23:00 $16.50 $12,000 Turbo Pokerstars
23:15 $8.80 $25,000 Rebuy Pokerstars
23:30 $11 $50,000 Pokerstars
23:45 $1.10 $30,000 Rebuy Turbo Pokerstars
00:00 $3.30 $50,000 Rebuy Pokerstars
00:30 $5.50 $20,000 Turbo Pokerstars

There are many many more tourneys during this time on both sites and you can add them whenever u want them. I have mentioned these here as I think these are the best in terms of value and starting time. Also, this list does not cater to the high rollers or people who play high buy in tourneys regularly like intervention.

Thats all for now. And in case I have missed on any tourney, do let me know so that I can update the list…

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Sangeeth Mohan

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