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Online Grinding!

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-08-20 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,

With not much live poker going on these days I turned my focus towards online poker for a while and ran really bad with some sick beats in crucial situations. However, I realized that it is a volume game online, and unless you put in the volume, there is no way you can turn this around.

As an example, I tried to google for the statistics of some of the fellow PGT members – and you can see that each of them, have played thousands of tourneys, but I have played around 350ish ( which is terrible to say the least), so although the ability level is around the same as per sharkscope (between 60 and 75%), I haven’t been able to show a good profit on PokerStars, although I ve cashed out more on other poker sites.
[LEFT][INDENT][SIZE=2][COLOR=red]Player Count Av. Profit Av Stake Av ROI Total Profit Ability[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2]
[/SIZE] [/INDENT][INDENT][SIZE=2] gunner9696 4566 $0.77 $21.57 3.7% $3495 73
[/SIZE] [/INDENT][INDENT][SIZE=2] ashnaik 368 $0.7 $3.81 55.2% $257 66
[/SIZE] [/INDENT][INDENT][SIZE=2] WirAnjuna 1566 -0.$25 $3.66 19.4% -$398 63
[/SIZE] [/INDENT][INDENT][SIZE=2] VinaySuchede 1978 $0.64 $1.61 26.1% $1273 70[/SIZE]
[B]Disclaimer – this is based on the free opt-in and publicly available information at sharkscope.com fetched on 21 Aug[/B]

I feel one of my strengths in live poker, has been that I can get out of tough situations, especially in deep stacked cash games. This has helped me save a lot of money in the past, but I ve realized that in online tournaments its much more -EV to give the benefit of doubt to the opponent for a very strong hand, in the long run. Sure, you can get out of those situations once in a while, but in the absence of live tells, Adi has been trying to tell us to loosen up, and go for it.

There was a time when TAG (Tight Aggressive) was the way to play. But these days, the LAG (Loose Aggressive) style is more in vogue, both for cash games and tourneys. Note that there is a difference between a bad LAG and a good LAG. A good LAG can keep stealing pots, but have the nuts in big hands, and unless you keep chipping up, there is no way you could win tourneys unless you win very large flips at the end. The way to win online, is not playing the live game, but playing the percentage game, playing more tables, upto 24, if you can, and playing more percentage poker. I don’t know any poker pro that plays just 1 table at a time. Imagine playing 24 tables, you can do in 1 hour, what a man can do in 24 hours. lol.

Cant say how crucial bankroll management is, and one guy I admire in this department from PGT is Vinay Suchede. The guy has like $1500 in his account, but still plays around $1-$5 MTTs on an average, which I feel is the way to go. No wonder that his graph is going straight up. I ve been guity like most on this front, often playing games much beyond my bankroll.

I am going to cross the 1000 game mark on PokerStars soon, and put up some really good volume when I can. Trying to get some $$ arranged on stars at the moment, and once I have that, I am on the grind!

Another good news is the full tilt is going to open soon. I ve always made more money on full tilt than stars, and will be happy for my friends who have tons of money, much more than me stuck on full tilt. Hope they start paying people out soon.

Adios and for this week, let me just say – Jai Poker Baba!!! (Hail the Poker Gods!!!)


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