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Online Poker- A Curse In Disguise

Posted by Sushil Kakkar on 2015-09-07 at 12:00 AM

There were days when you had to look out for a Poker game around the town, make phone calls to arrange games, check with everyone’s schedule and often end up being disappointed on not being able to fix a game.

Well I would say this was apparently a fortunate scenario as for those who really craved for some Poker action and lived in cities that were completely devoid of Poker, would have a much tougher assignment of getting any Poker action, unless they made a fairly long distance travel arrangements to play a few Poker sessions in some Casino.

Fortunately long gone are those days as anyone can now afford the luxury of being able to play the game online. On some of the leading Poker sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt and 888 Poker you are able to find players around the clock without having to wait much to get on with a Poker game of your choice.

But Beware! This luxury does not come without a hefty price. A lot of live Poker players that usually considered themselves to be fairly good at the game have regularly lost money since they started playing the game online. One is curious to understand the reason for this failure, even though the rules for
live and online Poker are the same.

I have been able to identify a few major reasons:

(1) Not everyone has the discipline to sit in front of a computer screen and perform to the best of their abilities just like they do in a live game. Most players start playing well but gradually lose their focus, some out of boredom and others because of impatience.

(2) Variance is another major factor that contributes to the failure. Unless you play regular hours of online Poker and play multiple tables at one go, you are sure to be a victim of Variance. Thus in-order to keep the Variance as low as possible, playing on multiple tables at one go is very important.

(3) Having said this not everyone can on play multi tables at one go, as the decision making keeps getting difficult with the increasing number of tables, specially when you have to take crunch decisions. I mean obviously a live player is only used to playing a single table and gets a fair amount of time to make a decision.

(4) Unlike live games you are not able to see your opponents in an Online game. So if you are great at reading out your opponents on the table then you are surely at the wrong place.

(5) Bankroll management is another major issue, as a majority of players end up playing much higher stakes than they can usually afford and see their money go down the drain in no time.

(6) There are a variety of games offered on every online Poker sites, Cash Games, Sit and Go’s and Tournaments which have further sub-categories like deep-stack, turbo, slow, hyper-turbo and so on. Most of the players regularly try their hands on different types of Poker games within every Online session. This leaves them bewildered, bruised and battered by the end of the day. Thus unless you identify a consistent category of Poker that you are good at you sure to loose a lot of money in the long run.

So, if you are planning to start playing Online Poker do make sure to make a note of the above to avoid trouble. Also those are already playing the game Online and fit into any of these categories, now is the right time to call it a day!

Author: Sushil Kakkar

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Sushil Kakkar

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