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Operation – Midstakes Mogul

Posted by Prateek Bhartia on 2013-01-12 at 12:00 AM

Wadup all, Been a while since I last blogged. Had a horrible December with some close to FT finishes and a stone cold FT bubble in the 2r 8K. Reshoved JT to an aggro opener, 18BB eff, was kinda shocked to see him call with 66 there as I expected him to fold all but his nutted range there on the bubble.
With December being horrible, and Sundays taking their toll, my BR has been steadily declining, and I have decided to breifly stop playing MTTs, and just build it back up to $1000 playing 2.5/180s and 3.5/45s Turbo. Its gets kinda boring to grind them day after day, but my motivation is to be able to play Midstakes by June this year, so I am going to chart out my goals and plans this year :

Goals :
– Play Midstakes by June
– Build a BR for Live poker, so I can start travelling a bit more.

Plan :
– Play at least 200 games a week
– Review games on a daily basis
– Watch videos and read quality posts on 2p2 and start posting on MSMTT.
– Learn cash (as online home games in India are really soft, prob quickest way for me to reach Midstakes)
– Try to avoid MTTs as much as possible when my BR is below 1K.

Year so far :

2012 was kinda OK for me. Couldve been better couldve been worse. It was a BE year, and most pros would be mad if they broke even after playing a whole year, but for me its was like coming from -44%ROI to 4% ROI, which I did not mind. But most importantly, I have learnt a ton this year,and feel very confident about moving up stakes, specially with PGMP there to guide me.
So I hope Variance stops being a complete B**** to me, and gives me a year full of rungoods.
Wish you all a successful 2013.

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Prateek Bhartia

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