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Patience, Discipline & Physical Fitness is What Separates a Great Player From a Good One

Posted by Naresh Veeravalli on 2019-12-16 at 5:27 PM
Runner-up Naresh Veeravalli

Hi guys, this is Naresh Veeravalli, and I am blogging on PokerGuru for the first time. Let me start by sharing my poker journey. I started playing poker in 2007 as a recreational player and used to play 1$/2$ cash games in Detroit, where I was working in the IT sector.

This continued for 3 years, and I was making small profits. As there wasn’t much content online, I relied mostly on books for improving my game, which frankly helped me a lot. Then I moved back to India in 2010 and was introduced to poker in Goa on a fun trip, and since then, I just kept on playing and turned professional in 2010.

So what separates a great poker player from the good. In my opinion, these three attributes are the most important –

Patience – For me, patience is the most important one. As a poker player, you go through dry spells and rough patches quite often, being patient and understanding that you are in it for the long haul and not the short term is what gets you the success you are looking for. Being patient also prevents you from tilting during the bad phases, which are very common for a poker player.

Discipline – One of the most important traits that separate a good and great player is discipline.
Discipline in terms of the stakes you are playing and not crossing them; Discipline in putting study into the game
Discipline in following a routine consistently, so you perform optimally at your game.
Discipline also prevents you from tilting.

Physical fitness – One of the most underrated aspect I have observed in Indian poker over the years has been physical fitness. There’s an old saying – “a sound body has a sound mind.” You literally have to follow this, eat right, exercise or play a sport, set a good routine and sleeping patterns, all these help you in maintaining good health and will have a significant impact on a poker player’s performance.

To end this blog, I would like to thank Adi and team PokerGuru Staking (Ved, Lungi, and Maddy) for this great opportunity that they have given to the players in improving their game and be the best in the business.

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1 year ago

Very well said, Without backing up yourself nothing can be achieved.

Naresh Veeravalli

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