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PGMP and the upcoming PGT

Posted by Jagdeep Singh on 2012-10-05 at 12:00 AM

Hi all,
So the 1st batch of PG Mentorship Program has graduated;-) But for me, this is just the beginning because the real learning comes through the practical application of theoretical concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed the last few sessions on bubble play and FT play (ICM considerations). Wish I had studied it earlier, would have prevented the ICM disaster I did last time in 12k July PGT event. Anyways, really excited for this month’s PGT. It’s going to be much more fun and competitive;) Playing against the best players in the country is always thrilling! My plan is to have some good cash game scores this month to be able to play the high rollers event too.
PGT is easily the best value tourney in the country and any serious tourney or cash player can’t afford to miss it. Cash player coz the sick field will attract lots f cash game action too after the tourneys!!
Coming back to the Mentorship Program, since the theory sessions are now over, we are studying HH that Adi sends us regularly. This is the best part because once you see the theory in practice, you understand it better. I am really looking forward to studying more HHs with Adi in the coming weeks. All geared up for some good poker this month.
Btw, entries for the 2nd batch of PGMP are now open. I cannot emphasize enough how big an opportunity it is for any serious poker player who is looking to take his game to the next level. You do not get the opportunity to the pick the brains of the best in the business everyday. This can easily be the most ++EV decision you can ever take. Go for it!

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Jagdeep Singh

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