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PGMP part 2 and crazy Saturday night Cash Game

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-10-08 at 12:00 AM

Hiya guys.

The second edition of PG Mentorship program is out. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. Its a golden opportunity simply becuase I seriously don’t know why Adi is giving it for free.. he could seriously charge a lot for this kind of top notch coaching. So I suggest you better apply, before he changes his mind 🙂

Regarding my run this week, I played 3 cash game sessions this Saturday in the span of 14 hours, and after ups and downs, made around a couple of buyins profit from it.

Some crazy hands –

1. I 3bet a guy who I considered a weak player, with QQ from SB he calls.. flop is 5 8 9 with 2 hearts… I have 9K remaining, I check, anticipating a good raise from him regardless of any two cards, since he saw i was short, he bet 6K, with 7K in the pot, i knew he had nothing ..so i shoved.. he calls and shows, A 6.. for a gutshot, but the turn is Ace and river is 6. Crazy suckout. And to make things worse, the fish immediately leaves the table with my money. Urgghhh!!

2. I reload for 15K, After a few hands i again get QQ on UTG+1. I had 9K remaining that point. I limp, one fish raises 1.5K, 2 flatters, so there is 4.8K in the pot, i limp shove expecting to pick up the dead money rake free. To my suprise, both fishes flat. Luckily the board is J 8 4 4 4.. and I hold, getting a triple up.One of them showed 7 7 saying “I never fold 77 preflop, you can ask anyone”, and the other guy mucked.

3. One crazy hand happened when i was on a 50K stack.. I raised with KQ UTG+4, 4 guys flatted including button, flop was k 8ss 3ss.. UTG riased 3K, one guy flats, I raise 8K, button flats my 8K, UTG+1 who was a passive player this hand and was targetin ime all day long, open shoved 50K in the pot man, leaving me 35K to call. He was a hyper aggressive player, I painfully folded, just cuz i had one pair, and this fish was playing any 2 cards preflop, and also becuase i didn’t know what button would do, behind me to act. The button folded, and Eventually this player showed a king and asked me if i was good. I think I was in a way ahead, way-behind kind of situation, he probably hit his 2 pair or AK in the worst case. He was targeting me all day long, so i changed my table. Went to another table and did good. This fish owned me this night, but at least I made some money off him before I left the table.

I m looking forward to Golden Aces main event. Mostly going to attend it, before the 5 day PokerGuru tour grind!

Until next time. Cheers!!


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