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pgmp2 to a clueless degen

Posted by Russel Parkin on 2012-11-13 at 12:00 AM

First off, just three sessions in and wow..pgmp really is awesome..really don’t want get kicked out… so here goes (however embarrasing it may be)..
Well actually, its pretty hard because pgmp really has me convinced that i’m a huge fish at playing poker under 50bbs in general (lol! that’s the whole of turbo tourny poker right there!)…do consider myself a better player in deeper cash games, but the games here are pretty juicy most of the times and that helps..
These cash games are actually pretty much how i find myself here.. fared pretty well in the cash game sessions when i was taking a shot and got crazy lucky in catching kc’s eye in a few of them …getting offered to be staked for the game and also a referral for the program..weeeeeee..
Oh and not to mention kc staked me in October’s pgt . Not much really to say about them, pretty sure i had no idea what i was doing …
7k bounty epic spew : I 3 bet and call off the 4 bet shove a utg min open with 99 pretty early on in the tourney.. this, after an early chip up to a big stack with the utg guy being the second biggest stack on the table..
Main event epic spew: I shove 12-13 bbs to a utg min open from the big blind with 44 mid stage of the tourney.. what i find really funny about this is that the guy who beat me in the hand with AQo called me a “gambler” for shoving with my hand and i was like.. haha really?? What i now find is that …yeah “ravi”, you REALLY are just a clueless degen…
Thanks to these three mentor-ship sessions my pre flop game isn’t as pathetic as before..
Need to find something better to post before the next session which is on Thursday..wish me luck?

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Russel Parkin

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