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PGOL win

Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-11-26 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends,

Yes, the only +ve thing (as far as poker is concerned) happened to me since, my last blog, is that i shipped the fortnightly PokerGuru Online league on 25th Nov.

The victory is satisfying, since the tourney is played by pros like The Great Intervention, Samohhh, Prabhat, Vinay da, Sushi, and few in d making dv, Shawn, Siddharth, antilog.

Although, i really felt bad, when there were only last three left, and i sucked out on my dear friend Vinay da. Vinay da shoved allin from the button, we both had almost the same stack around 10-12k, and the CL was around 40k. I was sb had pockets five, called vinay da’s shove, thinking that for heads up, both players shud hv almost justified chipcount to fight it out. Vinay da ws definately ahead wid his 77, bt on the turn i hit one of the two of my outs. After that it was an easy game. Within four hands i had the chiplead 5:1. And, in the final hand called the sb’s raise with 59, the flop was 5 10 10, in no time sb went allin, i snap called, he showed AJss, turn K, river deuce sealed it for me, dodgd lot of his outs on the river, (three aces, three Jacks, three Kings, four Queens, and eight spades, since he had the flush draw as well on the turn).

Overall, the week was very tough as far as poker is concerned, had a bad day at cash games, lost continously, coin flips, AK vs AJ, AA vs 97ss, JJ vs A6, AK vs QQ, and the list went on.

Played four to five MM online, was ITM in three of them bt nthng big to mention. Finally, ended the Sunday on a very bad note.

After busting out early from the Sunday St, MM ME, was in a good postion in Bigger $11, with 5K players left and payout to 2450, i was sitting with a healthy stack at 217th position. Which, i lost in two flips, AQ vs AK (short stacked) and then later to the same guy AK vs his A9ss.

But, friends, every day is a new beginning, and with PGMP2 on, such stories vl soon vanish from my blogs, till then stay tuned, bye, GL to all, tc, thanks.

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Sweetu Bansal

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