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Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-12-19 at 12:00 AM

Hi Friends,

13th Dec:
Reached Carnival on time to take part in the feeder Satellite (1.5K buy-in). It was basically ten handed sit n go with top two getting the 6K seat. Was the chip lead from third hand itself, and, was a cakewalk after that.

5k reentry: Very first hand of the tournament, blind levels 50-100, in mp i make it to 225 with A10, all fold to Samoh (bb), he flat calls. Flop is King high, i make a c-bet of 375, he flats, turn is an Ace, i bet 550, he flats, river is a rag, Samoh leads out 2K, easy fold for me, but i call. I fail to understand how players like Samoh get big slick on their bb in the very first hand of the tournament. Now, i am short stacked, two shoves no one calls, on third shove, i get a caller and my jacks are good, back to my starting stack. KC from utg makes it 525 (250-500), i call from middle position rest all fold, flop is jack high, KC leads out 850, i reraise to 1750, KC goes allin with 3K more, i call, my top top is good against KC’s Jack pair with queen kicker, but very soon, i also bust out when my set got busted against flush draw completing on the river, with allin allin on the turn. With reentry i land up on a table where, i bust KC again. With grind reach to the final two tables. Here, Manoj is in chip lead with almost 50% of the stack. And, after a grind of almost two hours we are down to 11. Uday from button min raises to 4k, I push my stack of 38k in the middle with A4, assuming that almost at the bubble Uday will fold, but he calls, and his Cowboys eliminate me to 11th position. Total entries were 131 (including reentries).

14th Dec:
7K bounty: Third hand of the tournament, Sachit (PGMP2 batch mate) bets 4x (50-100), Vinay next to act flat calls, button flats, I m on bb with 99, raised to 1350 (had played with Sachit previous night on cash table, found him to be an aggressive player, did not put him on a strong hand, was sure Vinay n button will fold), as expected, Sachit made it to 4150 (almost 1K behind him, we both having same stack but i had him covered), fold fold action on me. I had already committed a mistake of reraising with 99, but, was sure that Vinay had called 4x bet with strong hand, and even button had called, so almost most of the picture cards were out, shoved my stack, insta call by Sachit, flipping his Kings, but somehow i was unmoved, and, i did not getup from my seat, flopped a set, and a bounty. After that went card dead, but kept the stack above average, till we were down to 15. Was moved to the table, where, the legend Intervention was seated on my left. But, he busted out in few hands, although had taken a double up from me when he was short stacked.
I pushed my stack in the middle with KQss, bb calls with 99, turn is a King, and, i collect another bounty. Short stack button shoves allin with KJ, i call with 109 from bb, clip a 10, collect a bounty n move to the final table.

Final Table:
The final table consisted of Pulkit (2nd in CL), Manoj, Goindi, Akash, Rajesh Goyal (CL), and two more short stacked. I was third in chip lead. Pulkit raised to 9500 (2K-4K), I from utg+1 flatted, rest all folded. On a queen high flop, he lead out 11k, I reraised to 26K, and he insta folds. Now, i have the chip lead. After few hands, Goindi shoves 25k, I m on bb (3K-6K), call 19K with A10ss, but, his jacks hold. After few hands, a guy who was regularly shoving his stack, shoved (55K) from utg, Pulkit folds, i go allin with 75K, rest all fold, i flip Jacks but his cowboys stand good. After two hands (4K-8K), on UTG i shove my short stack of 20k with tens. Pulkit from big blind makes a blind call, clips his King on the flop, and, its end of the tournament for me. Fininshed 8th out of 92.

As usually, enjoyed the PGT, did not play the ME (may be Jan edition).

Will blog very soon again about the ongoing tussle between tourney organisers, till then stay tuned, gl n bye to all.

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Sweetu Bansal

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