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PGT High Rollers Event

Posted by Prabhat Mukherjea on 2011-12-08 at 12:00 AM

I just bubbled the High Rollers 6-Max Event finishing 5th out of 30 runners.

I was super sleepy after my flight landed and I incorrectly thought the event started at 8. As a result I ended up being a bit late.

I immediately ended up losing a few chips when I doubled up a short-stacked Intervention when his A6 beat my AK all-in preflop. After this, I played some excellent poker for the next few hours to chip up. I then opened KJs from the button and got 3 bet by Bagai to around 1900 and I called. The flop came QT7 and Bagai fired 3,000 and I called. The turn was a 8d opening a diamond draw he checked, I bet out 4,200 and got called. The river was the As and Bagai bet 6k, I shoved all in for around 9k more but sadly he folded saying he had AQ.

I began building my stack further by picking up a couple of bluffs from Bagai. At 300-600, I opened J7s from the button and got flatted by him. The flop came A42 rainbow and we both checked. The turn was a 7 and I fired 1200 when he checked to me. He made it 3100, at this point he just seemed really weak to me and his line made no sense at all because there was no way he was checking any strong hand on two streets, so I called him. The river was a blank and we both checked and my 7 was good to take the pot. A little while later he opened the CO to 1300 and I made it 3100 with AQ and he flatted. The flop came T43 with 2 diamonds, I bet 3100 and he called. The turn was a 9 and he bet out 4600 when I checked. I tank-called because his line just didn’t make too much sense again with most of the hands he was flatting with. We both checked the river and my AQ beat his KQ for the pot.

Just before the dinner break I won a big pot against Kc. KC opened the button for 1700 and I made it 4100 from the BB with AQ, and KC with a stack of 40 behind made it 8.6. I called and we saw a flop of T76 with two clubs. We both checked and the turn came Js and i fired 5100 which he called. The river came the Ks and bizzarely I failed to notice that I had made a runner-runner straight and checked. KC rather unusually opted to check behind AK and I went into the break very annoyed with myself but still the chipleader.

After the break I was rather card-dead but did pick up one nice pot when Rishab Chawla opened the SB for 2.1x and I called with A2o with effective stacks at around 50k. The flop came A76 and Rishab bet out 5k and I called. The turn came a J opening a diamond draw and he bet out 9.5k and I called. The river came the 5 of diamonds and he tanked for an eternity before betting out 19.5k, I had a pretty good read that he was weak and called. He instantly told me I was good and I collected a nice pot.

At this point I was chipleader when we were down to 2 tables. Sadly at this stage, i got involved in a number of pots with and got raised at pretty much every stage, and was forced to fold a lot. As a result I entered the FT with the shortstack. At the FT, pretty much the only thing I did was to shove 66 early on and double against Bobbe Suri’s KJ. After this I spent the next one and a half hours folding junk hands, which was sick since I didn’t even have the minimal holdings I needed to exploit a few decent re-shove spots.

On the bubble I was down to 55k at 3000/6000/500 and open-shoved J5o UTG and got called by Samay Parikh with A9s earning me a lot of looks that suggested I was retarded, but really this was only a 9 BB shove 5 handed. No-one else was close to short-stacked and people were calling quite tight. A 40/60 wasn’t the end of the world, but sadly I missed and busted out on the bubble.

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Prabhat Mukherjea

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