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PGT July and The PGT MP Tourney Quiz

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-06-11 at 12:00 AM

hey guys, hows it going? this is my 3rd blog entry after the PGT MP. learnt a lot till now from all the PG pros. the last session regarding 3b light was really interesting. Didn’t know much about it before till adi explained it all well. Now i have understood the concept and i also tried it on online tourneys and it does work. i forgot to keep a note of the hands on which i did 3b light will do it next time. i missed the last session but i did go through the notes.

as far as poker is concerned i have been playing online. 10 – 15 tourneys a day will try n play more in the future. just trying to get a hang of it. i even started 3 tabling just to get the feel of multi tabling online and its a great experience just need to get used to it which i will soon.

planning to go for my first proper live tourney in July for the PGT Season – 2 and also waiting to meet all the members of the PGT MP. I am sure ill get to learn a lot when i meet them in person. I guess the program will end by then (in July) but i hope adi plans to make it go on for a while :- P also will try n implement all that i have learnt and will learn in the program till the PGT S02 in live and online poker.

FOR MY PGTMP FRIENDS I am planning to set up a tourney based Quiz soon. so any suggestions for the quiz are most welcome and will really appreciate it. ill be getting the questions from online poker quizes, PDF’s, HH etc. it wont be much but ill try my best to make it as good as possible.

Till then GL n TC.

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Arjun Parmar

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