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PGT Main Event Final Table!

Posted by Amant Nauhria on 2011-12-26 at 12:00 AM

We played down till money for the final table to continue on Day 2. It was a 6.5 hour long marathon to be the last man standing. It was amazing to play a final table with a variety of players ranging from super nits, LAG players and a couple of pros including PokerStars qualifier Victor Duda. I was surprised to see Victor on the final table because he was down to 3 BB earlier in the tournament when I took most of his the chips on an allin river bet on a board of 89TJQddd. Victor called with K high straight and I took down the pot with a 7high Flush. He had done well to survive to reach the final table having one of the shortest stacks on the table. I was 3rd in chips and had position on Karan, the chip leader, and probably my only competition. Hussain was 2nd in chip lead and was on Karan’s immediate right. I had pre decided to avoid Karan in most situations. So for a few rounds karan and I dominated the table mostly taking down pots preflop. Maddy got eliminated quickly and then Victor lost his KK to Karan’s AA. Now we were down to 6 with Karan still in the chip lead with Hussain 2nd. The plan of coming heads up with Karan was working perfect with me getting involved in a very few spots and almost no show downs whatsoever. I got my first double up on the table by calling Karan’s (D) 4 bet shove with JJ on SB. 6 handed lasted for longer than 4 hours where chips were exchanging hands. No body was ready to put there tournament life on the line. And no body was ready to give anyone else a double up. Everyone was becoming short stack because of blinds climbing. During this Karan eliminated Abbas in 5th. Karan not long after, made an amazing call against Raj with KQ and Raj showed down K4o to spike a 4 and get a double up. Hussain tried similar from button with A2, I called him with 55 to eliminate him at 4th position. It was down to the last three. Me and Karan had even chips and Raj coming third with 10BB stack. During 3 handed I called Karan’s KQ 4 bet shove with A4o to eliminate him. Raj had a very small stack and didn’t last long in heads up battle. It was an amazing felling to be the main event champion. I received an awesome trophy made from silver from Samohhh the defending PGT champion.

I am very proud to have won the main event outlasting one of the toughest fields in India. I look forward to be part of the next PGT event in February.

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Amant Nauhria

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